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Albert Einstein

Meditation and intellectual performance Albert Einstein, arguably the greatest of all physicists brain was preserved for a short time after his death in 1955. However, while a number of photographs were taken, the full set of images did not surface till 2005. In 2012, with the power of modern technology, Dr. Dean Falk headed a […]


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Powerful Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self Esteem

Powerful Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self Esteem To boost your self-esteem can seem like a monumental task, especially when you’re experiencing self-defeating thoughts and feelings. However, when you step back, you can see that low self-esteem is really just a continuous cycle, and breaking any part of that cycle can stop the whole thing […]


The Last Word..

The Last Word…..Sweet Dreams My Friends…. Be fair or foul, or rain or shine the joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine. Not Heaven itself, upon the past has power, but what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.” ― Horace