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Poems To Celebrate January: “BE KIND TO JEALOUS LITTLE GIRLS🌼

Poems To Celebrate January: “BE KIND TO JEALOUS LITTLE GIRLS MONTH!” [poetry & commentary!] January 25, 2019 (Friday) with apologies, of course, to all those repulsed by the idea that they could possibly have any jealousy, little-ness – or girlie-ness anywhere within 100 miles of wherever they blessedly reside! 🙂

“THE THOUGHT OF JEALOUS!” poem #1, for the so-called “advanced cultures!”

Some societies just ABHOR – even-the-thought – of being-JEALOUS!
“We don’t do ‘jealous’ here!” They-say, in-their-fits-of-OVER-zealous,
Defense-of-themselves against-such-allegations,
When jealous is running all-around! throughout-all-the-nations!
“I want what you got! So, I’m crossing your border!”
“Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!” shouts-an-AULD-World-Order!*
“Gimme that!” “You got too much!”
“You’re-having-too-much-fun!” and “I-wanna-touch,
And-take (pause) ALL YOUR THINGS!
I’m SURE – possession of your-“stuff,” happiness-it-brings!”
You want HAPPINESS!? (Don’t we all!)
Well, try-to-“get-a-grip,” for-you-CAN “have a ball,”
Celebrating OTHER people’s “acquisitions,”
And you-can-learn-to-share – for smooth transitions,
For “win-win” situations! Let’s-ease-up-on-the-out-of-control-competing!
There’s enough for ALL! Love-is-sharing! Everyone can-be eating! 🙂 – Shalom!
fin <3
Auld Lang Syne = Old Long Since! see, e.g.: Daffy Duck! in this cartoon:

Walk right in and kiss his lips passionately 😀


Living in this world – CAN BE – miserable – and unkind! >When-I-feel (that) something’s-been-“stole(n) from my mind!?” >Or-from my heart, stolen-right-away! >And-I-must-“collect,” my-thoughts – which-feel-gray?* >Or-feel-“blue,**” – or-feel-“green!***” >I LOVE – what I FEEL, and I’m feeling-right-MEAN!?**** >I ask for The Truth(?) but I don’t want to see, >ALL-of-The-Truth; so-you-MUST-“protect”-ME, >From all-of-The-Truth, which I simply WON”T handle! >Be-gentle! Be-kind! Be-loving, Dear Randall! >Don’t-tell-me there-are OTHER – girls-around! >I just hate a place, where the girls are bound – >TO grab-you and-kiss-you; I want you-ALL-MINE! >A-jealous-little-girls? Perhaps, but that’s FINE! >I WANT possession and-ex-clu-sive-RIGHT, >TO-all that I want, to all things in sight! >I’M-ONLY-HUMAN, AND I’M- FOCUSED-ON-YOU! >Respect-my-opinion about-being-TRUE-BLUE! >True-to-ME, Randall; that’s all that I ask?! >EXCLUSIVE-POSSESSION-in-MY-sun, you MUST bask! fin? “It is COLD in some suns, and jealousy is a cold emotion!” The Mystic Poet.

* – darkened ** – sad ***- envious **** – crimson

What a wonderful World
That would be


“Don’t overestimate your emotions and underestimate your intelligence.”

Boost Confidence 🌼

Accept that you have made mistakes
We have all made mistakes in our lives. But you can choose to see those mistakes as lessons. If you look back on all the choices in your life that you regret, I know you will find a lesson. Sometimes they are buried deep, but they are always there.
Your mistakes may have hurt people. Maybe other people’s mistakes have hurt you. Either way, you need to let them go if you want to change your life. Carrying around shame, blame or guilt for things that have happened in the past only blocks your heart from being able to manifest for you to life you want and deserve. So give yourself permission to let it go.
Watch your thoughts
Negative thoughts will always arise, but you have the power to choose how much air-time you give them. It is totally within your control whether your negative thoughts about yourself or your life get prime time or end up on the cutting room floor.
When you notice a negative though coming up for you, change what you are doing. Stand up, sit down, shake your head, take a deep breath, do something. You need to practice removing the unconscious negativity program that is on repeat in the back of your mind, and by moving your body or making a sound, you disrupt that thought process.
Bring in the positive
Once you become aware of a negative thought, replace it. Use the new awareness you have gained to speak nicely to yourself, even give yourself an internal high five! Focus on bringing a positive feeling of love or joy into your mind and then visualise your life from this place.
Practice these steps daily, hourly, whenever you can! Pretty soon you’ll notice how your self-confidence, and your life, has changed for the better.
Choose your thoughts every day. Choose thoughts of confidence and possibility. Mix these thoughts with feelings of gratitude, and you will soon realise that your self-confidence is improving, simply because you say so. Consciously.
The law of self-praise works for BOTH types of people: those who believe they are great and deserve success, and those who believe they are poor and deserve misery or failure. The question is: what do you believe about yourself? And how do you install new thoughts into your mind to attract success instead of failure?
One way is to use affirmations and declarations. Write down positive words, inspirational quotes and motivational sayings on a daily basis. Repeat these over and over again, a few times a day, first thing in the morning, throughout the day and late at night, or before you go to sleep. Make them part of your thinking routine, and eliminate and replace the non-supportive thoughts every time you are aware of them.
We learned how to improve self-confidence using Positive affirmations consciously.
You know how successful people build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-respect right seed at the right time, always believing in their possibility. You recognise that what think of, you attract. And when you emotionalise your thoughts Surround yourself with positive people, and form the habit of repeating positive, encouraging affirmations, on a daily basis. This is the key to increase self-confidence.

Australia has a very dark past. 26/1/2019 is a somber day for Australian Aboriginal Nation yet today it is Australia Day when white Australians celebrate the British Army Invading and mudering men, women and children. They celebrate Australia including the arrival of Murding Soldiers from England – strange that 🙏

Today I will empathise with my indigenous friends over the usurping of their land and slaughter of their people and the despicable treatment of them up until May 27, 1967, and since. When I see an Australian flag now, all I see is white Nationalism. Change the date. Change the flag.

This Day First Nations People grieve for Past Elders, women and children who were murdered on home Country. Please also respect our People. Mass Murder of Australian First People. Who also were lost in World War 2 in the Bombing by the Japenese on Australian Soil.
Our red blood spilt will never be forgotten concerning Present and Past Elders 🙏

Strange that Celebration? 😬


I certainly understand that we’re all trying to make a living, but I’m not thinking about that when I’m making it. And if that’s your sole motivation, it’s going to reflect that narcissistic greed, and you’re going to hear it in the music.

I will never give you up
You are perfect
For me
Darling hold me
You haven’t danced in the rain
And lived yet
  1. Thanks for this article! It’s nice to find more people with the same advocacy on mental health through starting a…

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