There is no mystery about True Love🌼

True love is found inside one’s heart and body. “The mystery about love is no mystery at all”

Maybe your struggle with the concept of love is looking beyond for things you believe you wish for.

That’s a person waiting for the perfection of self-perceived expectations.

Kindness is a natural feeling that all humans are born with that allows you to experience the wonder of a stable union between two people that cherish moments of desirable companionship.

Be thankful for the experience to find that fit who wants you to be happy. To nourish you – love you – respect you, for then you have genuinely tasted paradise.

Sometimes we all need time to search for that pinnacle in life.

Most of us have tasted already a different love, and that could be confusing you.

Search different thoughts about this end of your existence to enjoy peace and companionship.

You so deserve a beautiful, comforting life.

Time is on your side, my love.

Use it wisely.

This time has been all about you, and how proud I am you grew from a broken soul to a full functioning man.

The world is your oyster. ❤

Love is loving you
The nectar of love
Lay down beside me
Hold me close
So I can feel your heartbeat
Taste your sweet breathe my darling
Tears of loving eyes brush my lips
Like the ocean kisses the south down flow
Lay down beside me
We fit


“HEART OF HEARTS!” a poem for M. January 24, 2019 (Thor’s Day)

I’m such a simple chap, with some-poetry-and-art,
To offer YOU! It is not much, but you have touched my HEART,
And – What that means, I am not sure I
Since I met-you, I’m in “a blur,” .


Penning THIS, and OTHER r h y M e,

In LOVE, and, Lord, it is so sweet;
I cast my HEART there, at your feet,
And, when you ask me WHY-I-love- Y O U, I say: “I HAVE NO CLUE!”
“Well, that’s-just-the-answer-I-needed-to-hear, ’cause-HONEY-I-love-you-too!

fin <3

Harmony ❤

Just live in the moment.
Yesterday is gone tomorrow is nothing.

Help us, Lord,
To love one another
Make it through the good times and the bad

Reality is the minute of reality you live in.

Be grateful for each moment you have.

Be grateful to all , be kind to all living matter on earth.

Time is your gift use it wisely.

Fear is non existent all.

Practise silence, share your food, patience , love and caring.

Is this a perfect world , No

It is every person on earth to care for all living creatures, that’s our role together.

Fear is our inability to accept ourselves. Accept your Race we all bleed red blood.

Just accept folks religious backgrounds that you may not agree.

Let other folk go around their world without judgement.

Perhaps all of this may give you peace and FEAR WILL NOT BE PART OF YOUR LIVES.