Jesus Message.

Jesus Message.
To all with a sincere heart remain powerful in the Holy Spirit, for within the conflict of the views of others, will help you remain true to the Spirit of Life. Many have passed before you and life at times was difficult but there loyalty to me revealed many treasures of loving truth and gave hope to many that truth was alive and was for them to reunite with as a child of mine.Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to the many of different nations through this medium for you approach closer to my truth and expose the evil and corrupt world. Be not afraid to speak your truth for I will be with you and the truth comes to the surface when the polarity’s of evil or the weakness of trying to please everyone, both are not of the heart I gave to you. My disciples paid dearly but are of true beauty and peace now with me. I do not wish this upon yourselves but I do wish you to be my truth till I bring you to me. The time is at hand, but only the Father will give the amen.
Most beautiful God of life, I surrender to the wisdom in which you give me, and I wish to thank you for the wonderful people who feel your truth through the words you give me with my heart being open and love bonding us towards our real home. amen
Luke Le Bree
(photo) The narrow path of truth between the polarities of evil and weakness.

Pretty Wife

“AFFIRMATION LAMENTATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Moving On!” in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 16, 2019 – Wednesday

You just keep moving, and nobody can say,
Whether (or-not) we-will-make-it – through-another bloody-day!
Oh, I’ve got me a (good) reason – to keep a-movin’ on,
To get up in the morning – to work – and mow the lawn,
SO IT CAN BE SO PRETTY – for-my-Cuddly-Poo,

A “mack truck” might just get us – or a new, strange, rare disease,
There-are-a-million wonderful-things – that-can “bring us to our knees!”
A-stray-bullet – to – the-3rd-eye – or-a-slip & fall & die;
The World is a “crap shoot,” so, who-knows!- Shall we cry,
Because we are so damned afraid, of never making through,
This day which I am in (pause) which I am in with you?
Or – shall I cry for joy, at each nuance in your face?
When I look into you eyes, I see a lot of grace!

And when I look-a-up-your-nose, I love the snot that lies,
And- that-sometimes – can dribble out – a-dribble on your thighs!
When I look inside your mouth, I see all sorts of things:
Cabbages! and-chocolate-bars – and bits of cheese it brings,
And, when I look inside your ear, the ear wax is so fine –
I lick it out with a Q-tip – and claim it all as mine!

You never know how many days – I have-left in your arms;
May I-have FOREVER? to-experience-your-charms?
OMG! What’s this? It’s oozing? A-squishy-squish-swish-swish:
I think it needs some filling! from-the-Cosmic Deep-Pie-Dish!
So, keep on moving-keep-on-grooving-swi-ggl-ing-those-hips,
And I will try for 20 MORE – (1) crunches!-or (2) some dips!*

fin <3

* – (1): flexing abdominal muscles! (2) up and down exercises: sometimes to “hit” the tricep muscles – sometimes to “hit” you “g-spot!” Sometimes both! 🙂


“THE MASTER?!” a poem The master-writer-thief-and-poet – – – Wonders why more folks don’t know-it! – – – Wonders why around the globe, – – – Folks don’t gyrate – to his “strobe!” – – – Why there isn’t – “a (big) book deal,” – – – or-audiences! – who laugh and reel, – – – with-adulation, for his clever – – – Humor, insight – and-charm-forever! – – – “Well, I declare,” he says out loud! – – – “And I am never very proud!” – – – So, I wait-for-the-hour, the hour when: – – – People’ll-know, I’m-“Master-of-The-Pen!!”


“SIMPLY!” a poem about a man, singing karaoke, Wednesday ( 01/16/19) at The Blues!

A simple guy, with simply taste –
Caring-for The Human Race,
Aware of foibles, hopes and fears,
Who’s had his share – of cares and tears!
Who’s walked the highways, as a bum;
Who’s-familiar-with: The Factory’s “hum;”
Who’s been in courtrooms, in a suit,
And-in-The-Classrooms! (What “a hoot!”)
Who dresses daily, after washing,
Sings: “In The Rain,” while slightly sloshing,
And, IF-he-is-“needed,” please be succinct,
LIKE: “Can you come now?” – and I-will-think,
“Well, yes I can; I’m on my way!”
Or – “Sorry, no; I’m in a fray!”
Or – “I’ve-got a meal – on the stove,
But, once I’m through, I’ll be right ove’!”
BUT! Say it OUT; don’t HOLD IT IN,
Or-else-I’m-guilty(?)-of neglect-and-sin!!!
Just say: “I NEED YOU! Can you come?”
Do NOT-expect that this here “crumb,”
You’re-precious need – to congregate!
Or-say: “You’re-not-well?”
Or – “Go to Hell,”
‘Cause-I-can’t-read – your-immediate-need;

fin <3

* – and The Blood ain’t “blue,” and seldom green; just simple, red-blood will you glean!


“THE CUDDLY POO’S SECRET TO SUCCESS!” a poem in the series: “Mr. and Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” January 15, 2019 (Twos – Day)

The-measure-of-their-success-is-HAPPY, not-too-cold-or hot,
Not-too-directed-or-intense; seldom are they bold!
But! sometimes (sometimes) in-ten-sity – comes-along!-and-they-EN-JOY-its-feel,
But OFTEN-they-just-“sleep-in-cuddles”- EASY’s-a-GOOD-DEAL!

They-are-NOT-“taking-tabs,” but, with-statistics – they are fine,
But forcing things makes them uneasy! For their bodies? – “wine-and-dine!”
They are FREE & SIMPLE; yet-“discipline”-is-OK,
But NOT to pressure to “achieve,” A “Forrest-Gump-ian-Way!!”

They often close their door and watch – the World going by,
And non-stop talking is SELDOM heard – rather: smiles, with a little cry,
Because, although they work A BIT, their focus is to PLAY!!*
“THE PLAY’S THE THING!” (NOT just a phrase) is-applied each cuddly day!

EASY READING, but not-a-lot, and their Buddhist friends agree,
“The Cuddly Poos are our ‘role models;’ they circulate their CHI,**
With easy, smooth and grateful humor, Their-Bodies-are-their-Best-Friends;
They LOOSELY-walketh in-SOME-direction – not-fixated-on-any-ends,

EXCEPT – to gently nurture, in child-like harmony,
THIS IS – Their Secret to “Success,” for happy-serenity!”

fin <3

Credo: A LITTLE “multi-tasking!!” A LITTLE organized-focus, but EASY-DOES-IT, Cuddly Fans! They’ll say: “No HOCUS-POCUS – – – Do-we-need – to get along; we like THE NATURAL WAY, with music, laughter, but NOT-forced, To wipe away the gray, And give Our World color, with sharing and with joy, For we are cuddly, Cuddly Poos – just-a-girl and-a-boy! 🙂 – Oy!

* – remember?

** – life energy of flow through the physical body

*** – Trying to manipulate conditionality to your advantage, without taking into account the needs and feeling of those around you


“WITH WHOM?!”* a poem a.k.a.: “She Has “Ruined’ Me!” 🙂 – Jan. 16, 2019 (Wed) Dedicated: To all The People sending me [Sensual] Site invitations that I can never just ask to go away, so I just keep clicking them off, about, 1000 e-mail [dating] mailings a day and count myself lucky that I do not have 2000 invitations!

{Does ANYBODY in “The World of Tumblr” think that this is kinda ridiculous: My changing words, here and there, altering potential suggestive words and/or ideas, ever so slightly, so I do not get BLOCKED again, by Tumblr censors because I have violated so-called “Community Standards?” Isn’t there SOMEONE “out there” that realizes how STUPID the censorial procedures for Facebook and Tumblr and other social medias have become, when you have to pussy-foot (is it, perhaps, “wrong” to use the word “pussy” because it might be considered another violation of the Politically (in)Correct idiocy that is now manifesting on The Internet that USED TO BE considered a place where you could just PUT STUFF, without having to EVERY SINGLE DAY and with every single post – wonder whether you were gonna get reprimanded because of someone’s oversensitive attitude about “this or that!?”) around here like I’m doing?! Where does it end, you guys and gals, who seem to be so smug, sitting in your proverbial Ivory Towers, spending time (&, I guess, getting PAID for it!!), determining what YOU think is appropriate or not, based on, really, no standards at all – just your particular feelings at that time and on that day – about what YOU think should be shown or not. Anyway! Does ANYONE out there think this is at least a little bit RIDICULOUS? What about you folks sitting there, blocking and deleting? Do you ever consider that MAYBE you do not know what the heck you are doing? Do you ever think about that? Mmmm? DON’T think about it! Are you going to “block” me for my venting here, when your “appeal” procedures themselves are done without any input from me, and there seems to be NO real reasons given when I appeal yet another post for violation of “community standards,” when, after reviewing it myself, I am sure there is nothing there that’s more “revealing” than the paintings that you allow on Tumblr because they were done by some French Impressionist painter who has been dead for about 200 years. IF you are even reading this, you don’t care, do you? because you have NO phone numbers people can call you at – you are totally isolated! Yeah! “ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!” (“Bill? Could you please grab me another coke and bag of chips from the vending machine? I need some energy, so I can read another one of these sinister posts and determine if I think it’s a little bit too ‘raunchy’ for public consumption! God, I love my job! Bill? O. M. G.! SOMEONE GET AN AMBULANCE! Bill is “down,” I think after having read another of those THINGS from The Mystic Poet! Bill! Oh, God, Bill! I love you, Bill! I WILL marry you! I WOULD HAVE had s-x with you that last time, but I couldn’t find the key for my chastity belt! Bill! Oh, no, GOD! Dear Lord: Please! Don’t let Bill die! What will I do? Who can I turn to? Wait! I am getting a spiritual directive! What is that, Lord? What? You want me to – what? – read, each word and line – of The Mystic Poet’s last ten postings? Oh, Lord! Please! Don’t ask me to do THAT! Please, Lord! Bill? Bill! You have arisen – from The Dead! Bill, I love you! Hey, wait! Bill!? What is that t-shirt you have on? “MYSTIC POET FAN CLUB” Bill! Why? Bill! (pause) Bill, I will NEVER date you again! Traitor! (pause) Oh, Sam?! Hi, Sam; I really like you, Sam! Did I ever tell you? I dream of you at night, Sam! I do! Yeah, you agree? That MYSTIC POET site! Yeah! Obscene! Yup! Offensive? Yup! I LIKE YOU, SAM; you are MY kinda people! What are you doing Saturday night, Sam?! I’m free! but I’M NOT EASY!) Q.E.D.}

from a fictitious series of poems entitled: “There can be ONLY ONE!”

Well-now, YES!


The “site” you sent-me’s GREAT,

And-I-can say, with-absolute-candor, (that)-I-DO – appreciate,

All those s-xy bodies (especially)-of-pretty-mo-ning-girls!

I love them sh-rn, even partially, or with their public kurls,

But, HONEY! y-know, with porn – I-(gotta)-work-hard to-achieve,

Any (political?) election, even partially, so I-REALLY DO BELIEVE,


(For) When-I’m-with-YOU, I am so “graced,”

For – YOU’RE MY ONE AND ONLY, with-your oo-oo’s – and-oose – and-smile,

And I pop-eth to attention! Yes-I-do! Oh, my! “Sieg Heil!”


Than-with-A-1000 [date]-night-girls – and this much, Hon, is true:

That you’re so super s-xy, and, when you come-(in)to view,

I have it ALL – all that I need – you are so “coochy-coo,”**

Election-is so natural (so)-with-you I’ll-cuddle-and-“kith!”

For-it-does- TRULY -matter,

Who-you-do-it-with! 🙂 – I am ruined; no one else is you!

fin <3

* – in bed

** – or CUDDLY POO!! 🙂

Mystic Poet

“THEY’VE BEEN HERE FOREVER!” a poem a.k.a.: “No, They Haven’t!” in the series: “Someone’s Playing You & Yes, It IS You!” Nov. 20, 2018 – Tuesday

When I was throw-ED from the womb- and plopped-down on The Sheet,

I didn’t-know-where-I-was – or-if-there-was-A-”PLACE”-TO-EAT!!

My vision blurred! My senses weak! but – THEN! Your breasts appear! –

And I assumed, THEY-WERE-THERE-BEFORE!! and-that-[you-are-my-dear!]*

When I did move – to ope’ my eyes,


A crib! I’m in – with sheets and light –

And I PRESUMED, with all my “sight,”

That everyone was here before,

And I-am opening – some-prior-door,

To discover – ALL-that’s-waiting-for-me,

“They”-didn’t-JUST-APPEAR!? Well, we shall see!

Now, THE-ASSUMPTION-is: They’ve always been around!

And there’s more-and-more (stuff) to see, that-I’ve-”FOUND!”

THESE PEOPLE! Yes, they did await,

My ENTRANCE – to this Worldly Gate!?

When I popped in – did-they-sign-for-my-birth?

They HAD – nurses’ stations – all-over-The-Earth!!?

Did planes and governments abound BEFORE-(pause) ME?

Sure! They-were-PREPARING – for Little Ol’ J.-D.**


YOU conjured them up – right up through the floor,

And – in-to-your-conscious-awareness NOW!

So! They’re-all dependent on YOU – somehow!


All this STUFF? and-ALL-these people: DEMENTED!

And they could all vanish, IF you snap your fingers!

NOW! Wouldn’t-that-be-something?

Megalo-mania lingers!! 🙂 – Theme Music: “2001, A Space Odyssey!”

fin <3

* – alternative phrase: [I’ve-naught-to-fear!]

** – J (initial only) Samuel Davis