“TRULY INCESTUOUS, LICENTIOUS, IMMATURE AND INAPPROPRIATE!?!” a poem Tuesday: January 15, 2019 [with apologies and thanks to Edgar Allan Poe]

Once upon a psychic reading, Edgar CAYCE* uttered greeting – to-the-ones who-are-truly-“riled,” by-(what-some-call)- “inces-tuous-activity,”
For-there-are-mothers, doing laundry – and cooking meals, while in-a-quandary – about-whether-“Junior” should be exiting, exiting! for all to see!
“Here I am now, with my laundry – to-escape some destiny!? Yet, (I’m)-still-in-“the-nest,” (pause) quite happily!”**

CAYCE said: “Sometimes, we tarry, and sometimes-caring’s-necessary – when time-has established that most women – like-to-keep-children “on their knee.”
So, sometimes THIS THING – is appropriate – and touch can be a potent opiate! I know it sounds a little strange – (pause) and-to-some: (pause) bizarre-ish-ly,
BUT(also)-bizarre-to-judge-group-dynamic and-to-do-it with-such certainty – Especially-coming-from – a-non-mommy!

So, yes (I know) I’m often hearing: That mom’s got (my) laundry, but I’m NOT reeling – over-all the-inadequacies -that-this-situation-might- just- “hatch”-in-me,
For-over all, there-are-ills prevailing? – preventing-some-ships-from-easy-sailing, BUT I-CAN’T imagine re-pri-manding Mom – for acting as Queen Bee!!
For a matriarch – is sure to park – Herself ever-joyfully,
When-she-find-eth-stove-or-washer – (pause) sitting by too casually!

What’s appropriate? Well, I don’t know! and! The longer that I “kinda” grow, I-am-convinced that moms-and-women – like to stand, quite silently,
At The Door – and wait for Buddy, to depart, so they so bloody, “Breach the walls!” and head for laundry – to-deposit – lovingly!!
A violation? Oh, maybe! (pause) But I will offer sparingly: A STAY! from any rude conviction – Judgment? I shall let-it-be!

And-I-think-that-women – going-to-Heaven, Carry with them – clothes and leaven, Hoping THERE, that-they-can-wash &-cook-&-sew-&-glow-with-glee,
And CRITICISM? Probably NOT, for any times that Sonny brought, DIRTY LAUNDRY – in for mommy, so she-could spend-time “on-her-knee!”
We all have “rolls” and some are frowned-on, such-as-“cin-namon!” maliciously! And some folks raise their eyebrows high and-critically-mutter: “Golly gee,

She spends such-time-in-the-laundry room, And in the kitchen – or at the loom, Doing housework ALL THE TIME (?) – yet SINGING! Oh, so merrily!”
There’s criticism here we see, from wayward daughters, who spitefully – Content that MOM! should “give it up,” and-just-say:”Sonny-you’re-NOT-wee!”
And, IF they don’t – is something wrong? Well, I guess, to-some – It-is-clear-ly, A-violation of-some-law! which SHOULD-BE-SET – in a-hurry!

But-perhaps-“incestuous”-belongs-with-HER, who-wants-to-“mommy”-her-chosen-“cur,” And wash his shirt with angel soap – because a smudge or two we see;
Yeah! I-know! I’m quite a dope – and – without-mommy, I-can-not-cope, BUT! “mean” it seems to me it be, to-be-such-a-critic – of-mommy,
When she has lived for many years – and, through those years, so steadfastly, She has-maintained-and-done-some-cleaning, helping-her-children, lovingly!

And now!-somewhat-older – and fairly-frail, and, in-her-“twilight,” her baby male, Wishes-comfort-for-her – for-her-soul and-mind – and bent bod-y,
And-it’s-sometimes-hard, to-tell-how-to-love-her, And express (for her) a tender cover! Perhaps it’s weak- to-tenderly, maintain-such-an-attitude – endlessly,
But years rush-on! I-am no wiser, but I-think things-go-by quite-swiftly, And most days now, with-mum-and-pop – I-consider-things – quite-gratefully!

fin. ❤

* – a person who, in the 1900’s, acted as a “Channel” for health and spiritual information, which he supposedly received from “sources on The Other Side!”

** – some older children return to their homes, to assist their parents as they become older and might need some special assistance! It is called: “Care-taking!”


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