“WHY AM I,          SUDDENLY-“THE-CAT-LADY?  Why?”

“WHY ME?” a poem, dedicated to “Cat Ladies” (and, also, “Bat Men”) around The World! 01/12/19 – Sat.*

After a-long, fruitful-life-of-many-years, &-oh-so-many – stops-‘n’-tears,
Suddenly! out-on my “porch,” (I didn’t-even place-a-torch!)
There-are – A-LOTTA-CATS-TO-SEE, And they are meowing-a-lot – for me,
And THIS! My question: “WHY AM I, SUDDENLY-“THE-CAT-LADY? Why?”

Being-a-“cat-lady”-to-me -really-doesn’t-have-much-appeal;
‘Cause they’re not SO-SOLO; they need more care!
And-I’m-a-CAREGIVER! I-like-white-fur-&-hair,
And POOCH-SMILES, and being-dependent-on-me,
So-I-can-kinda-control – THE-TINY-PET’S-DES-TINY!
Yet, here I AM – with CATS! – a-little-less-than-10,
And-one’s-in-The-House! The-rest-“hang”-on-The-Porch-and-when,
I open the door a bit – to let The House Cat out,
3-or-4-“go-for-the-inside!” I-don’t-know-what-that’s-about!

Anyway! So-I-contacted-a-psychic, who-channeled-BAST,
(The-Egyptian-Cat-Goddess) To-find-out-w[h]a[s]t,
The reason is that I have all these cats! And she explained – “That-that’s,
Just-what-happens – when The Universe sees,
THAT-YOU’RE-FEELING-LONELY! It-sends – kit-ties,
To present purr – fect examples, of being happy and aloof,
Of-being: self-sufficient-self-absorbed – and-to-give-any-person-PROOF,

(1) Dogs pretty much accept everything! Cats-want SOMETHING NEW!
(2) Plus! Dogs! are awfully loyal, and-will-protect you IF they can,
Kitty-cats just run away, when they-spot-an-approaching man!
(3) Dogs can be predictable! Cats are here and there;
A dog will lie – upon your grave; a cat don’t really care!

So! These, YOUR CATS, are lessons – for you to quite decide,
IF you want a partner-or-if-you’re-OK-with-run-and-hide,
And-you-know – whichever one you choose, it is BOTH GOOD-N-BAD;
Whichever one you wanna do, will-give both JOY – and-sad,
Occasions! – as you move along, The Continuum of Existence!”
Then, again, some folks wish – to-sit-upon-“The-Pet-Fence,”
And-be-a-little-DOG-a-little-CAT, with-a-couple-friends-(NOT-a-lot),
To sometimes be friendly, social and gay – and-sometimes-hide-in-the-cot! 🙂 -meow?

fin ❤

* – rhymes with CAT!!


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