Kindness is free you know
Give away your smiles for free to
Compliments are free to
Try this today
Each person you meet
Look carefully, smile and say ” what a fabulous hairstyle”
And mean it!

Relationship Prayer

Bless this new relationship with happiness, bringing us together in honesty and truth, giving each other the space to grow, to change, let kindness guide our actions and the words we speak, bring us closer together, with shared ideals and values. May our hearts grow more loving with each new day. Bless this new relationship with purpose, may our shared love be a goodness in the world, bringing us opportunities to touch the lives of others, spreading the happiness that is in our hearts, we come together with passion, love and joyous spirits. Bless this new relationship with the power to last, flourish, grow strong and change.

Black Desire

“REMISSION!” a poem, dedicated to: Rachel Taylor, singer/songwriter extraordinaire! a.k.a.: “One Heart!” 11/26/18 – Monday

It’s a roller-coaster-ride, this game of life;

It’ll rock ya – and “real” ya, but, in-the morning light,

When you finally-reach (pause) The Break of Day,

And-you’re-groggy – and dreamy, I-hope you’ll say:

“I can do another! Just gotta-‘wake-up,’

I-know-I’m-in-remission!” [Ask-your-coffee-cup]

“Is it worth-the-effort – to keep on going!”

“Yes!-you’re-rich-and-dark (pause) and-seeds,* we’re-sowing,

And-we’ll-inspire – The-World – to-make the FLIP,

And, it’s true – each-one-of-us – may-be-just-a-blip,

On The Screen of Life, that seems so immense,

But each-blip-can-inspire – other blips off The Fence,

Of despair and lethargic – machination,

LOVE is contagious! And each generation,

Fights-for-its-life – to offer (all) the-rest

A chance to shine, despite any test!

So, I’m hanging on – with Rachel in the seat,

Of this roller coaster! She’s next to me,

And, together-we-can-turn – this bloody-life-around,

And discover One Heart! – where remission is found! 🙂

fin <3

* – coffee (and otherwise!)


“JASON’S GIRL! A PERFECT 10!” a poem January 8, 2019 (Tuesday)

I hear that Jason’s girl – is REALLY attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She kind-of-“stalks”-him DAILY – and-is VERY active,
For she is said – to show up – (often) at his door,
With-her-“knickers”-on-her head!! AND-THERE’S-QUITE-A-BIT-MORE:

For-instance, she “rings” him every hour, whether he answers or not;
She even thinks about him, while she’s sitting! on “the pot!”
She day-dreams – muttering – his-name out loud!
And she wears a t-shirt that says, “HOW VERY-PROUD . . .
So, with-stars-and-hearts-in-her-eyes, she’s-after-Jason, who-better-be-clever,
And – there-is-really-no-one – who-can-even-remotely-sate-(c)HER!

When SHE sees Jason cume, she-just-floats-over to-him,
Grabs-him and holds-him – and she’s so-fit-and-trim,
‘Cause SHE-CAN-BARELY-EAT; when she gets to “the-table,”
She often passes-(right)-out – (up)on-her-meal – for she-isn’t much-able,
To-love-HIM – AND – eat-food – all-at-the-same-time,
So, SHE JUST SWOONS, and – her face is full of “grime,”
‘Cause she-can’t focus much – to even bathe – or shower,
And her hair – is-up-in-the-air (like-a-frazzled-cat) YET, HER POWER,
Is-said-to-have-been-multiplied – 100 FOLD!!
A FORCE OF NATURE, if The Truth be told!
When she stumbles by, all cars are alerted,
‘Cause-everyone-knows-she-might-step-out-(into-the-street)! Then, she’d-get-hurt-ed!?
Anyway! We’re all watching HER – and – “watching-out”-for-her-too!
She is SO – attractive-and-sexy – She’s-in-the-world-of-“LOVIE-WOO!”

She’s THE MOST AMAZING THING! “Jason’s Girl!”
LIKE: She-walked-right-into-The-Gym-yesterday! 300-pounds she-did-curl!!!!
And several of the burly, well-muscled men,Cowgirls 😁
Well! She-tossed-them-all-out-onto-The-Street! There must-have-been-TEN!
So, THAT’S-HER, Jason’s-Girl! With that perfect “10” score!
God only knows! How-much-LOVE’s-“in-her-core!”
Anyway, we-re-all-envious-of (and-scared-for) Jason! What-a-lucky-guy!?
For HER-most-of-us – would-just-fall-down, fall down – & DIE! 🙂 – What a woman!

fin <3