“OVERBOARD!” a poem January 7, 2019 (Monday)

How-can-I-be-here? speaking-in-“The-Vernacular?”
I-should-have BY-NOW!! learned-the-language-OF-AMOUR!
The fact that I haven’t, makes me so sore,
At myself! So-I-doubt-that-I-should-even-BE,
In-the-same-realm – as-one SUCH AS THEE!
How can I even exist? in a world – pure enough,
To-sustain your very presence? To “house” your “shaggy muff?”
I should PROBABLY – just kill myself! and do it right soon,
EXCEPT!? Wait-a-second! AM I BEING “A LOON?”
For- to-adore-and-comfort-you, PEOPLE ARE NEEDED!!
So, it’s-GOOD-that-I’m here; it’s OTHERS!-that -should-be-“weeded,”
And-sent to-PARALLEL-UNIVERSES! to study and learn,
That: WORSHIP OF YOU – is-what they should discern,
As – The-Greatest-Joy-AND – The-Greatest-Opportunity-IN-ANY-LIFE!
And every man should aspire – to make YOU his wife!
I’m just SO EXCITED now, to know that I matter,
To know that The-Good-Lord’s “programmed”-me to-make real good “batter,”
So-I-can-make REAL GOOD COOKIES, for YOU, my DEAR – to eat!
I long to feed – and to fill you up – and to massage -ee your tiny feet,
And listen to your every murmur – and write them all down too,
And recite the sweetest poetry – and sing LOVE SONGS for you!
I’ll-feed-“your-significant,”- when-she’s-hungry-hold-“your-paw”-IF-you-be-scared!
So, let me get your special dinner, and I’ll-put-it in your special dish,
And, as you breathe-heavily – at-The-Full-Moon – I’ll hope you get your wish:
That-I’ll-turn-into-a-STUD-ly – English Terrier!
And that, TOGETHER! we’ll howl-and-shag – (and) make-The-World – a-lot-merrier!

fin ❤


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