Luke Le Bree

Dearest and most precious friends of our Lord, I pray and trust that those of you whom God has opened your hearts and mind receiving his words will in his blessings of enlightenment make you his witness e days ahead. For many carries, their lives in being ente, trained and all events will catch up on them and will be blind as to how to handle coming situations.
Remember the return to vibrations anew will come quickly for those children of God when certain moments manifest, for those who have surrendered to Gods Love will be his Glory.
To others, many of you are to be his, witnesses in the unfolding s of the old vibrations as we have brought upon ourselves. Trust in your relationship with the eternal and see the answers he has given to you, for deep within you lays the truth you had failed to understand its importance.
At this coming time it is no point in seeking the reasons why you were blind to his light, but to become the understandings that will be revealed within you in this time to come.
The quest of each of you who came upon this beautiful Mother Earth was to return it, and all who dwell upon it to Love. To return to God not the inflated egos of ones who felt they no longer needed the Eternal and have since created a greater separation from reality and caused much pain to many, while the others slept in a false reality.
Events are unfolding, seek you first God and the love of, for it will remove you to a place sacred from the beginning. Then many who remain will give witness to these end times and its separation from Life. Let Love be your incentive. Amen.
Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


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