“GUARANTEED!” a poem a.k.a.: “Satisfying Whatever You Think Or Feel Is The Greatest Need First Can Be A Good Idea!?” January 6, 2019 (Sunday)

From a wife – to-her-“hubby,” “You’re [ALWAYS] so-filled with appetite!!”
“BUT! I’m hungry – FOR YOU first, Sweetie! It’s YOU who are my bright,
Shining Angel!! Without you, food means naught!”

“Oh, SURE, my-hungry-husband! I-REALLY believe-THAT – not!
Take-me-now, my Darling; I-just-need love from you!
I can-get-by-on-water! Your-appetite-makes me blue!”

Yet, on-any-given-morning, since-appetites we-can’t-control!
Maggie-might-arise, with-HUNGER! Now, she’s-got-herself-a “hole!”*
Sometimes appetites – really just need filling,
And, for-instance, when hunger HITS, she is NEVER willing,
To have “good-lovin'” – ‘TIL-lots-o’-the-chocolate-that-she’ll-take,
Combines-with-her gastric juices! LADY of-the-Cake,
OR – Lady of LAND O’ LAKES, with lots of tasty spread!
I GUARANTEE YOU – there’s no s-x, ’til-she’s filled up her head!

So, the-moral-of-this-story!? (is:) Many-guys gotta eat,
To keep their bodies goin’ strong – then-a-good-meal can’t-be-beat!
Now, perhaps “The-way-to-a-man’s-heart, may-be-through his tummy!
but-sometimes it’s-also so-for-HER; and, then, give food to-mummy!
OK- then: If you’re hungry, go for some “vittle;”
If-you’re-love-starved, then – try to “whittle,”
Down – the appetite – of the one you need;
And EVERYONE-will-be-happy;
Yes, indeed!
๐Ÿ™‚ – Yummy, yummy!

    • a “hole in her stomach” – that needs some food to take care of the vacuum!


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