“BETTER?” a poem a.k.a.: “About CONSISTENCY!?” January 5, 2019 (Saturday)

I found me “a better” salad dressing!- and-A-BETTER-STRATEGY-in-LIFE!!
I found me better “fun” and “thrills!” (and-I) found-me a BETTER wife!?

Yet, y’know – THAT SALAD DRESSING? was-just-what-I-WANTED-at-that-time!
It REALLY wasn’t “better! LIKE: A lemon’s not better than a lime?
It’s just that our preferences change-around a-lot,
So! We better/best – be – (a)ware of that – or-else-our-life-can-go-“to-pot?”

Remember: Just ’cause your preference(s) might change here and there,
Beware* – of dumping your wife – or-your-husband – or your Teddy Bear,
Jus’-’cause, IN THE MOMENT, something-else SEEMS to have a “better” glow!
Aft’-a few. short [minutes], with-“your-old-one,” you might-wanna “make a(nother) go!”

AND!!! -also KNOW – I ain’t sayin’ “GO BACK TO THE PAST!”
(I’m) just-saying: “Preferences – Preferences – Preference don’t always last!”

Also-remember: Although many-of-our-CHOICES – SEEM-to-be “mutually exclusive,”
Finding “better” is ONLY MOMENTARY! Therefore, TRICKY! Fairly-well-elusive!

fin โค

* – Unless you WANT to!


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