“My Name Is Trump!” 

“My Name Is Trump!” a poem January 4, 2019 (Friday)

My-name is TRUMP! BUT -that-is-a-“trick,”
‘Cause I-don’t- play-Bridge – I-used-to-be: HICK!
So, I-changed my name – for I-love to-win,
Much-more than the rest! and – Is-it a “sin?”
To-manipulate your-position,
When-you-think your mission,
Is: to-“win” all the time,
Yes, it-must-be “sublime!?”

Yet, when-I-“cross-eth over,” to-regions unknown,
I’m-afraid “those folks” there’ll-say: “Mr.-Trump, you’re-alone!
And you’re STILL – just “a hick,”
For THAT NAME – was YOUR pick,
Just before – you went “down,”
To new-Queens, New York town!
And-YOUR-LESSON?: “Hu-mility!”
Mixed-with sweet, sweet civility!
IT’S-ABOUT-PRIDE! (pause) You-gotta leave!

So, I’ll need to come back,
To this place! (with-the) name o’ HACK!
I just hope that my pride,
Will not cause me to hide,
From my need to learn “mild!”
And be humble, not (so) wild!

Yet, knowing my soul,
I might “hack,” gain control,
Of this place that’s so tricky!
Filled with honey! – So sticky,
TRUE FREEDOM’s only-found,
If HUMILITY’s around!

For this World holds on –
And-makes-The-Proud-One – its “pawn!”

fin ❤


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