Jesus Message

In the final days that I walked with you as one like yourself My love and the will of the Father urged me on to share many miracles and speak of my home in heaven for you to come to. I had grown close to many of you and I prayed to my Father to watch over you and that the plan we had devised would remove all things that were not of loving light but to do this I was to remove the penalty of sin. I knew what I was to go through was going to be pain beyond words, yet I was ready to fillfull the plan for my love for all was over whelming. One thing I did not understand was when on the cross my father would turn from me and I came to be only pain and my heart thoughts screamed for my Father . Recorded in your books is “why Father have you deserted me” Then the end came. The reason for this happening was that I carried the full weight of the sin you all had so you could be free and come home to me and I would send the Holy Spirit to guide you to only levels of love beyond that which you can imagine at this time. Today , this moment I am with you and My Spirit most holy on being asked will guide you. Not one of you is without hope if you have accepted my love for the time grows near to your revelations being fulfilled.

Most dearest and Holy Jesus My tears are not numbered for the gratefulness I have running through me as you shared this with me. Most beautiful one guide your words to all who need to hear, let your will be done. <3. In the Fathers completeness let it be done.


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