“HOLIDAY TIME GIFT BAG!” a poem a.k.a.: “Sonic Friends Forever!” Friday: January 4, 2019!

I got me a Sonic Gift Card, from Eva and Ellen,
And-it was in a gift bag, which no one was sellin’!
‘Cause IT – was a gift of variety-and-notoriety-for-Holiday-time!
And I’m not sure IF I can even complete this rhyme,
‘Cause I feel SO VERY SPECIAL – that I might just cry,
But I’ll TRY – to hold it together! Yeah! at-least-I’ll-try!
JUST THINK ABOUT IT: That out-o’ billions, I was-such-a-precious-soul,
With 1-or-2 others, we got special gift bags! and they had no coal!
But-NOW -I ain’t saying that coal wouldn’t be great!
Yet, WE – got these great gift bags for The Holidays, mate!
AND (pretty long pause – to wipe away a tear or two)
I also got a card – and a mug! so I can always tote,
Hot or Cold beverages!! even-when – I go-out to vote!
And, of course, I got me this wonderful, sparkling nice-bag-carrier,
Which also contained a SCRATCH CARD, which made me even merrier –
Even though – after scratching – I didn’t win a thing!!
STILL! – that folks thought enough of me (and Vance) (and Giggles) to even bring,
A GIFT BAG – and also feed us PIZZA! soda! and chips!
And pecan pie, to pad our hips!
So, IF we fall, we won’t injure our side;
WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING! My-gratitude, I can’t hide!
So! I just GOTTA-write – to-say-to-Ellen-&-Eva “THANKS!”
& (I found out!) The-gift-certificate-is-worth-10-bucks – at-any-of-The-Sonic-Banks!”
So I-can get me – a wonderful burger and fries!
And, when they serve ’em up, “the girl”-might-ask: “Who cries?
In THAT car over there!? It was JUST – a Sonic Gift Card,
Not even worth a thousand dollars!” WELL, IT’S NOT HARD,
To be very appreciative, when you feel so especially thought about,
Around HOLIDAY TIME! There are MANY! even without,
Family or friends – They’re just “locked in,” alone!
It’s great to be appreciated! OH, LOOK! Someone calls-on-my Holiday Phone:
And I’ll tell them that: “I also got a DREAM BOOK, that I’ll set beside my bed,
And CANDY CANES too!! White! &-red!”
So, with my Dream Book in place – and – sweetness on my lips,
I’ll dream about The Dr. Pepper that, with my pizza, I drank – in sips! 🙂 – Mmm!

fin ❤


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