“YOUR EXPECTATIONS NEVER FAIL TO EXCEED WHAT I EXPECT OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Your Expectations Never Fail To Exceed The Expectations Of What I Expected You To Expect!” a.k.a.: “Please Don’t Expect THAT Again!” a.k.a.: “I’m Not That Great!” a.k.a.: “Yes, You ARE!” a.k.a.: “Then, So Are You!” a.k.a.: “Never!” a.k.a.: ” I Never Thought I Could Have Expected More Than I Did!” a.k.a.: ” This is WAY More Than I Ever Expected!” a.k.a.: “Why?” a.k.a.: “Why Not!?” a.k.a.: “I Don’t Know!” a.k.a.: “Yes, You Do!” a.k.a.: “Billy Burke Would Have Made A Great ‘Wicked Witch Of The West,’ I Expect!” a.k.a.: ” I Need A Great Expectation!” a.k.a.: “I Expected You Might Have Those Expectations!” a.k.a.: “You Weren’t Expecting That, Were You?” 01/04/19 (Horus’ Day in The Sun: Freya)

For ALL those who-love-me, whose expectations I-never can-fulfill:
I offer up this poetry! I hope it “fits the bill!!”
For, I just-love-a – making up with you,
It works – for a day – or, maybe, even two!
AND THEN – here-come-“wonderful” ex-a-pec-tations!
(Let’s jump in bed – with-their-a-ex-ci-tations!)
It’s-a-DECLARATION: of-all-the-wondrous-possibilities;
That-cry-out, wishing – to “bring me to my knees!”
And make me better – THAN I AM!
I-just-love-to-be – “The Expectation Lamb,”
So I can be – taken – to-The-Slaught’a,
Because I could not do – what I surely aught-a,
HAVE DONE! – or-what I-certainly-COULD-DO,
If I’d only tried harder – for love of you!

I EXPECT – just more of THIS;
But – I-do! EXPECT – “the perfect kiss;”
And-I-DO EXPECT, the “perfect” mate,
And-you-should-maybe-expect – that-sometimes-I’ll-be-late!

But, JUST-KNOW – I-always-expect-perfect, from-you, My Dear,
Because-EVERYTHING-about-you – IS PERFECT! (But)-don’t-fear!

Just take my waiting, trembling hand;
We’ll-travel – to-our-“promised-land!”
We’ll-proceed-eth – over Hill – &-over-Dale;
Jack! – and-Jill-we-are – Did-you-bring-your-pail?

That-pail? filled-with-what-you-expect?
Whoops! I-knocked-it-down-The-Hill! It’s-now-“a-wreck,”
But – that’s OK! Just-close-your-Isis,
For-I’ve-a-million-or-two – “Osiris-disguises!”




“PERFECTION!” a poem January 4, 2019 (Friday)

I accept, I accept, whatever-comes-next,
But-that-DOESN’T-mean: I’m-gonna-be-hexed!
Or-that-I’ll-just-sit-there – and-“take-it”-all-day!
Yes, I’ll accept, BUT-(I)-can-still-run-away!


So, IF you think you’d like to meet,
For-a coffee or a tasty treat,
But-that-isn’t-“license,” to-be-a-brat,
And think that I will sit all day,
To listen to some endless “spray,”
Of-a-thousand different schemes & plans,
When-I-just-wanna – go-to-Cairns,


To-watch a-silly-movie – of-a-girl’s-gorgeous-chest,
So, I’ll give you 15 minutes, and, then, please – take a rest,
While-I-go-in-to the bathroom and drown-there in “the pot,”
OK, I-might-accept IT all – but-don’t-think-I-am-CAUGHT!

fin <3