And sometimes we-withhold our tender touch๐Ÿ’œ

โ€œ2019!โ€ a poem 01/01/19 – TWO -zzz – day!

Weโ€™re VILE and LOATHSOME creatures! Terrible-things-we-are!*

We donโ€™t know what-weโ€™re doing, and-we-drive a polluting car,

And we-eat AWFUL FOOD – and-then-go-to-the bathroom,

And-we-visit-the-graveyard-regularly, stickinโ€™-each-other-in-a-tomb!

WE HIT – and CURSE – and SPIT- โ€˜nโ€™-such,

And sometimes we-withhold our tender touch,

From those around us, who just-need-a stroke,

OR – someone to hug ’em – and/or tell ’em a joke!

Yes, GOSH! Weโ€™re AWFUL – but-this-I-like to tell:

โ€œWeโ€™re HUMAN humans – we-“thinkโ€-weโ€™re-bound to- (go-to)-Hell!

But HELL is just a state oโ€™ mind!

That-happens-when-to-your-neighbors, youโ€™re-unkind,

When weโ€™re-JUST-actinโ€™-like-maggots! crawling all-around!

SOMETIMES-though! from-us: (pause)


And – THAT makes all the difference – and keeps us movinโ€™ on!

So, WELCOME-to 2-Oh!-ONE-nine, Folks –


fin โค

    • We SHOULD all be CENSORED! Blocked! “Thrown underneath the – – – !โ€œ

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