Second Chapter of the SCAM LETTER 1/1/2019 ( plus a very sexy photograph, not shown ๐Ÿ˜‚)

My Dear ,

I need your help to stand as my trustee for transferring the money to your Bank account for investment project. As I told you in my earlier mail, I am staying in the mission in Burkina Faso and I haven’t a personal telephone to be reached but if you wish to hear my voice, you can reach me through the office telephone number of the Mission co-ordinator. His name is Father Anthony and his office telephone number is +22667683203. If you call tell him that you want to speak with Miss Elodine Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly am staying in Block G14 female hostel.

The reason while I ask you to contact the bank as my trustee is because I have contacted the bank on my arrival to clear the money but the branch manager of the bank whom I met in person told me that my status as a refugee does not authorize me to transfer the money. He advised me to seek for some one who will represent me and transfer the money into his or her bank account. I wanted to inform my stepmother about this deposit but am afraid that she will not release the money to me after clearing the money because after the death of my parent she and my uncle arrange secretly and sold my father’s estate in Songon-Agban.

They shared the money among themselves and when I confronted them my uncle told me that the tradition and custom of our land does not entitle me to share assets of my father as a single young girl. Ever then they have been maltreating me and even made arrangement to assassinate me because of the demand for my share of the money from the sales of the estate. I want you to help me because you are God sent and you will never regret for helping me ,
Please send me your full contact information which include:

Your full name:
Contact address:
Telephone numbers to be reached:
Your age:
Your Occupation:
Marital Status:
Your Nationality
Your photos to see you:

Information above is very important for me to know you well so as to proceed further with trust. As soon as I receive them I will give you the contact of the bank were my father deposited the money. And you will contact the bank as my trustee and ask them to transfer the money into your bank account for investment project. After you receive the money in your bank account you will send some amount to me to process my traveling documents which I will use to come and settle in your country and further my academic studies while you will invest the money.

Thanks a lot in anticipation of your quick reply .attached is my photo

Best regards
Miss Elodine Warlod I Coulibaly


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