“ON MAXIMIZING   J O Y   IN THE NEW YEAR (WORLD)!”  a poem, dedicated especially to Mary T – O, Houston, Texas!  Monday – December 31, 2018     (New Year’s Eve)

“ON MAXIMIZING J O Y IN THE NEW YEAR (WORLD)!” a poem, dedicated especially to Mary T – O, Houston, Texas! Monday – December 31, 2018 (New Year’s Eve)

As Mr. K. – and Mr. R – and-Misters S-’n’-V-’n’-O, (pause)

Might-’ave-noticed! By-and-by – at-the-former-H.,-S-M.-Do-jo:

During-kenshu, at-each-meal-break,

Members-would-present – what-they might bake,

Or broil – or fry – or saute well,

To-delight-”The-Presenter,” and this we-can-tell:

That-kenshu-often-ran-with – charm and ease,

When-our-honored-pres-enter – did-not “tease,”

But offered thanks – for every dish,* –

Whether-Italian – German – or-sweet Flem-ish!

Not all were kosher – and seldom raw,

Yet- if-no-one heard – ‘bout-any-“flaw,”

But-only-heard-praise, for the-food provided,

Such JOY we-all felt – and the kenshu “glided,”

By-so-easily, with smiles and hugs,

And even-the-vacuum – saw Happy Rugs!

So, the lesson here? For-your New Year:

ACCEPT THE OFFERING, and have no fear,

That change of diet (at-least, for a while),

Will (probably!)-not kill you – and-might ease “the trial,”

Of LIFE herein – this World, all right,


To come so eas(il)y, with so much love,

If-we-find acceptance – as-with The Dove,

Who-happily pecks – at what-ever’s-given,

And, we-know, towards-Happiness we-all are “driven,”

But This – World – and-its-“starts-and-stops,”

CAN wear quite thin, so NOTHING TOPS,

Just being – pleasant – ly-inclined,

Accepting All! –

AND!!! being KIND! 🙂 – Konpai! Mr. Ono**

fin ❤

    • which were NOT always in his (or her) meal plan!

** – The way Japanese (& others) sometimes offer “cheers,” like for ushering in The New Year! sometimes with a slice of pe- CAN PIE! (Here’s to Mr. O, always cherished in this Heart of mine!)*** *** 🙂 – We hope you’re OK!


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