“HOW TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE BY 2019!” a poem a.k.a.: “XXXtremely Practical Advice About Self-Awareness?!” New Year’s Eve: 12/31/18 – Monday

When ALL HOPE IS GONE, ’cause-Pandora can’t find,
Hope!-at-the-bottom-(of-The-Box), (’cause)-She-is-(SO)-blind,
Just CALL – on-the-Lord-of-The-Dance – for-a-song;
SEEK YE WITHIN, and It-will NOT be long,
Before [your]-intuition, will show you THE WAY,
To-a-Brighter-and-Happier, Swash-buckling Day!
For YOU are THE UNIVERSE! and-(you’re)-also-Pandora’s-Box!!
HOPE dwells within you – and visits your socks,
To-retrieve-all-you’ve-lost – It’s THERE!-in your soul!!*
SO-IT-IS -JUST-a-YOU – which-you-should-extol,
Just-tucked-“inside” you! NO-New-Age-Cos-m’-l’-gy,
NO-Secret-Mantra; NO-Enlightened-Technique,
Can-surpass – (your)-“Ultra-Brilliance!”-You’re “The Cosmic-al-Geek!”
YOU-can shut-off “the systems;” The-Dark-Web’ll-lose-all;
With a wink of your eye, Social Systems must fall,
AND – TO “SAVE” THIS-HERE UNIVERSE, you-must-simply-give-LOVE,
And “salvation”-will-come, (from) underneath-and-above!
It only takes FAITH – and-some HAPPY, GOOD HUMOR,
With ice cream and smores, you can melt “The Fear Tumor,”
And set things a-right, balance all things that be!
YOU’VE-ALREADY-SAVED-“IT,”** for-you’ve-“turned!”- (pause)
You’re THE KEY!

fin ❤

    • or SOLE?! Don’t forget to sing “The Salvation Song” for New Year’s Eve, along with “Auld Lang Syne!” and “WHAT,” you might ask; “is THE SALVATION SONG?”
      Well, it was written just for such an occasion as this, and you sing it to the tune of – WELL, we’ll make up a tune for it, OK? Therefore, stay tuned: for “The Salvation Song,” soon to come to A Universe Near YOU – in 2019!! 🙂 – Whoopee!-doo!

** – THE UNIVERSE, that is!! 🙂 – Whoa!


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