TWO SUGARS – FOR YOUR COFFEE!  and NOW we shall endure! ☕

“THE WAY SHE LIKES I T !” a poem Wednesday: 12/12/2018


THE WORLD IS DARK – and very STEAMY! It’s a bitter brew,
But I HAVE GOT IT – Yes, I DO! – I’ve got-good-news-for-you:
It MAY be half empty, but it’s half-way – full-up too:
A “cup of despair,” or-a-“pick-me-up” – jus’-what-we-need – for (some) woo!
This aught-a open your eyes! OPIUM! but-NOT-in-The-Den;
It is-a- gonna save us ALL, and – you ask me WHEN?
Well – just-as-soon-as-we-add- we-add – we-add: THE-MAGIC-PAIR,
A couple o’ the sweetest folks – they’re WHITE!-and-cum-they-do – as-a-pair;
They’re a little “granular,” but really do The Trick,
Mar – ge -ry, on-one-side – and The Other’s kinda quick!
Bring them out FOR BATTLE! and plop them, slow and sure!
TWO SUGARS – FOR YOUR COFFEE! and NOW we shall endure!

fin <3

Postscript: 2 sug’s in black coffee! That’s my-lover’s pref-er-ence! The-way-she-likes-her-morning-coffee! I-serve-it-(up) – with-reverence!

‘Cause – IF-I don’t get it right,
There’s gonna be a fight –
And – IF-she fights, she wins,
Get-the-coffee-groovy, for-a-real-nice-ol’-movie – and-she’s-apt-to-SO-INSPIRE!


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