“There’s a Magical Force Field of Love- around You, that opens-up when you smile! 

“LOVE ACTUALLY!” a poem a.k.a.: “What The H – – – ! Satan Has Possessed Santa Claus And Everyone Is Circumventing The Anti-Love Force Fields! Is This A Sign of The Season, Or The Times, Or What?” Dec. 7, 2018 (Monday) XXX-Mas is close(r)!

“There’s a Magical Force Field of Love- around You, that opens-up when you smile!

Or-when-you-say: “Bay – bay – Ba-a-a-a-a-a-a-bay – Bay-Baby! and I melt all the while,
Or when – you look at me – and-your-eyes – go –
SPARKLE! SPARKLE! and – I’m all a-glow,
And you say: I LIKE – TO LOOK AT YOU! That’s ALL! (long pause)
And – I just LO-O-O-O-O-VE (pause) to fall –
In-Love AGAIN – &-AGAIN – &-AGAIN!”

And-Satan-&-his-demon-Gods say: “GOD, what’s all this love stuff? of mice & of men?
Dang! Didn’t-we put up FORCE FIELDS!? around-every-desirable-girl?
(and IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE A L L DESIRABLE) & when She’ll FLASH a curl,
At some guy she likes – then our force field don’t work!
WE NEED TO UPGRADE (these force fields) – where’s that mechanical jerk,
The one who’s supposed-to – maintain-ANTI-LOVE-fields-and such?”

“Oh, you mean SPARKIE!! (uncomfortable pause) Well, he’s lost all his touch!
Because, around Christmas-Time – every year, without fail,
He falls in love too, with a mechanical-chick-name-of-Gayle,
With mistletoe kissing – and a-whole-lotta (well, you-know)

And The Demons get MISTY! – and THEY FALL IN LOVE TOO,
And POOR SATAN – just throws up his hands! He-don’t-know-what-to-do!
So, he goes – to THE NORTH POLE, and HIS pole’s pointing North,
And He possesses Santa! Whose-wife -loves-The-Devil, of-cour(s)th!
And Satan-and-THAT-JOLLY-OLD-ELF’S-wife – well, they “get it on,”
And Choirs of XX-Mas Angels, STROKE THE FIRES OF BON, BON,
And Little Baby Jesus! He-is born – in the womb,
Of Mrs.-Gladys-Claus-who-rises – from-her-icy-tomb,
AND SATAN’S A PROUD DADDY! and He sees A Great (Jesus) Light:
MERRY XXX-MAS TO ALL! May all pussies be tight!
fin <3