“THE REAL SANTA’S FACE IS KIND OF INTERESTING TO LOOK AT ACTUALLY; THAT’S WHY HE WEARS THAT BIG HAT AND A LOT OF WHISKERS! a poem a.k.a.: “The Best Kept Secret At The North Pole (And Some Of You Might Just Hear It HERE First!” Sunday, December 23, 2018 ~ 2200 hours in the series: “The Lost Love Letters Of Santa To His Wife!” [kinda]
Mrs. Claus married Santa, without checking-on-his-(REAL)-FACE!
She “jumped right in,” married-and moved-in-to His Place!
And she figured-it’d-work – ’cause he-made-her-laugh – and-brought-(her) meals-in-bed;
Well, sometimes, you-better-peel-off-the-outer-layer – &-check-to-see-the-real-head!
SO (I’m-tellin’-ya!) You better beware! of the one who makes you laugh!
For that’s the one – who-can-(also)-make-you-cry – Laughin’-cuts-the-time-in-half!!
‘Cause – IF – Mr. or Mrs. “Right!” is there,
They got your emotions – in a-sort-of-a-snare!?
YET! a-heart-“on-the-sleeve” can-be really keen,
IF – you’ve TRULY got the lover – who really, really cares,
About-your-precious-feelings – and-protects-The-Heart-from-tears –
It’s-always-up-to-you, my Honey – You can-CHOOSE to take the chance,
Or stay locked-up – in-your-room – in-your “Down-a-Under” Pants!

But* [for all you big boys out there!]
You don’t need to be a Superman, like ME*** – or – Mr.-Deadpool,
‘Cause the right girl will make you – SUPER – and-COOL!

And, my dear, dear Gladys – after a brief adjustment time,
(And-a-whole-lotta-alcohol) I think you’ll “get” this rhyme,
And you’ll admit – although it may-take – some time-a-getting used-to,
My face will be just fine-for-application – of your-purrecious-woo-hoo! 🙂 – Woo! Hoo!

* – credit given to the motion picture “Deadpool,” for some very memorable quotes!**
** – such as: “After a brief adjustment period – and a bunch of alcohol – It’s a face – . . . . . . . . – I’d be happy – – – to sit on!”
*** – i.e., Santa, of course!

Editors note:

Beauty catches the attention

But the character catches the heart


The sign of a beautiful person

Is that they always

See the beauty in others


A beautiful thing is never perfect


You don’t have to be beautiful

The difference between a weed and a flower

Weeds are the Jugement

Did you know that?


My story when I was a small 11-year-old girl

A raging Tomboy at that

My idol mate (teenager), second best footballer ( I of course was the best) 😁

Well Girls started to hang out at the grounds fawning all over him ( Pretty girls, in short knickers)

Oh my, I was so miffed 😔

This day we were riding our bikes home from school and I asked did he think I was pretty like them, hanging out chasing my best mate.

Next, he stopped and yelled out at this little hanger on, “Me” ( I could kick, I could run faster than him)

My Mate grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down on the gutter, skin off my shins

Normally I would belt those boys until they ran away

With my head in my hands from shock I sat there dazed.

This is the first day of growing up!

” You are beautiful inside and out” said he

As I looked up to the sky flashing those blue eyes, nothing like that had ever I heard come from any mouth🙈

We sat in the gutter of a dirt road trying to scratch our heads, what did that sentence mean 🙊

Eternity passed and we saw my Mum looking for me ( we scattered different ways)

Later locked in my room, out came the HD pencils ( thought I was a Famous Author) looked at that phrase over and over.

Didn’t make any sense😞

You remember when you worship someone in your young life you either are wounded or deliriously happy with what they said.😟

It was to be another year and we never talked about the day again

He was a famous footballer, 7 years older than me when we meet again

The eighteen-year-old girl was nearly grown up

He said take me for a ride in your car

So impressive riding round town with my mate again, on two wheels of course🙃

Gone again he reached over and grabbed the keys off me

Here we go again, oh no🙊

He was my Hero

I ended up in the middle of the road having a colossal hissy fit

And left the car in the on the road

The car followed me until I stopped and stood there with tears running down my face

” You are beautiful inside and out.”

said he

Those words stunned me. All those years ago I had often wondered what he meant.

There we were sitting on the side of the gutter hugging, laughing and everything made sense 🙄

Being so young is probably the hardest part of our lives journey we live through.

Learning about compassion, kindness, truth, loyalty and wise words is a treasure trove of gifts only given to those that listen, learn and respect your Elders.

Listening is an acquired skill as is silence.

Listen to the wise, read and keep your mind active.

” Beauty is not in the eye of the Beholder, ”

BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT IS HONESTY ( the appreciation of beauties sacred meaning)

To be complimented from your hero ” you are beautiful inside and out”

Today my Husband is the only male or female to say those exact sacred words to me.

That day I grew up🕊

My husband loves me just the way I am. “How did I get so lucky”


Footnote * my mate died 5 years later with Cancer RIP. Never forgotten 🕊 Amen