Mystic Poet

“BOOK BURNING!” a poem, dedicated to Facebook, Inc. – and, now, Tumblr. Dec. 5, 2018 – Wednesday

In Germany, before-The-Great-War,
We burned THE BOOKS, forevermore!
We burned them, yes, for many-a-reason:
COMMUNITY STANDARDS – always in season!
IMPROPER CONTENT – has great appeal!
And ADULT CONTENT, can always deal,
With anything-at-all WE don’t like,
WE-ARE-THE-CENSORS! Book-burning – can psyche,
Us up a lot, ’cause we – WILL control,
All we can, don’t-cha-know?!
And IF-YOU DON’T-LIKE-IT – well, up your (long pause)
Because what WE say – Well! What-we-say –

fin <3 🙂 – Sieg Heil!