Mystic Poet

“HELP!” a poem Sun. December 2, 2018 Painting: [acrylic/charcoal, oil] “THE FLY!”

You-can’t-REALLY-help-anyone-at-all! You-can-ONLY-stay(keep) outta-their-way,

UNLESS* THEY ASK-you-for-your-help! Then! “Jump-right-in,” I say,

And “help” them as you’re able, but just remember THAT:

It-is THEIR GAME (not yours) they play – so, you-know-you-smell-“a-rat,”

When they just keep on expecting you – to “help” them ALL the time,

Or – when they say: “Stop!” and-you-don’t! Well, then-it’s YOUR fiendish crime,

To THINK-that-you-REALLY-help-them – or you stop – and-start-again,

‘Cause-you-can-NEVER-really-help-no-one &-if-you-think-you-CAN’T-help-well, then,

You’re-counting-yourself-WAY-TO-IMPORTANT, for – IF-you-can-help-anyone(?)

IT’S M A Y B E YOURSELF, you (maybe) can help &-that’s-pretty-doubtful, my-son,**

For, the longer you “live?”-and the more that you see, I THINK – you MIGHT just find,


So-just-get-it-OUT-A-YOUR-MIND!! 🙂 – Get WHAT out?

fin <3

* – unless, unless, unless …

* – or daughter