“HOME SWEET HOME IS WORTH THE FOCUS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Balancing Activism With The Needs Of Your Family!” Friday: December 14, 2018

He WILL-protect: CHILDREN, (pause) THE ENVIRONMENT, (pause)
And – even-that-bloody-CAT,
Who stays up, stuck-up – in the tree – and meows-and-meows-so-much!
HUB’ll-climb the tree and fall right down – ra-ther-than-get-in-touch,
With-THE-ANIMAL-PATROLing-GUYS! whose job it is to fetch,
Kitty from The Bloody Tree! – or me! with-hair- caught-in-this-hedge!!
I yelled and yelled for days on end; I-did – for-my- lovely-Hon!
But hubbie, he-was-locked-(up)-in-jail! ‘Cause-he’s-a-PROTESTING-SON,*
And WHEN THEY FINALLY RELEASED-HIM – he-had-him – a-beard and the-cat,
He got a ride back home(?) he-did – and THEN – he “smelled a rat!?”
Well-now (actually) the-“rat-smell”-was-me, still stuck there, with my hair,
Caught!-It-had-been-for-days-so-tangled – and-I’d-lost-my-will-to-care!
So-I-died-in-the-hedge, with-no-bread, (you see)! No-bread – to dip-in-the-river!
I died! without – food-and/or-water and such – Perhaps I-just burst my liver(?)
But WHAT THE HECK, my hubbie’s happy(?) and-he’s-still-a-“protesting-joe,”
Without a wife – or family – I wonder how-far he’ll go!

fin <3

The MORAL of the story-Let-activism -always-begin-at-HOME – – – lest your wife and family – begin to cry and foam – – – “at the mouth,” with hunger, nothing left to eat! – – – Providing-for-your-loved-ones! (it-is-a-good-plan) A-happy-home-ya (just) can’t beat!
* – son-of-a- (long pause) gun!**
** – because he HAD – a right to bear arms (I mean) bare arms – my arms – and my bare breasts – and I had other quality features! (All but forgotten, as Bubba launched a campaign to Save The Whales, but NOT my wails – and to pick-up strays cats and dogs – which I got to feed and clean up after – AND – He fell in love with this activist chick named Delores, who believed in The Second Coming of The Pure Race – and, by golly, Bubba (bless his heart) raced to HER side, protecting and providing for her every earthly need!) but ME? Well, I was left alone, with the dogs and cats (who all died anyway, after I got stuck in the hedge that time and died) – Anyway, life is short (sometimes) and not necessarily sweet! AND – everybody needs to be saved – especially the environment – I bloody well went GREEN (with envy!) because I was envious of all the time he was spending with Delores and The Trees! and, yes, our blessed child (in my womb) died along with me (IN THE HEDGE) – ACTUALLY! The child was saved! I died! Then they cut out little Bicky from my tummy! Bicky became a prosecutor, prosecuting overzealous protesters, who, although they DO have a right to free speech and reasonable protest! are NOT allowed to shoot pipe-line layers, circus owners (with dancing bears) and themselves! Sigh! Anyway, here I am – in a PERFECT ENIRONMENT, called Heaven – or Hell, awaiting early release – so I go “back there” and eat bark – with Bubba, Delores – and other woodland creatures! Well, you know!! Sigh! ns of the times! <3

Think I turned up at the wrong Christmas Party πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Mystic Poet πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ•Š