“HOME SWEET HOME IS WORTH THE FOCUS!” a poem a.k.a.: “Balancing Activism With The Needs Of Your Family!” Friday: December 14, 2018

He WILL-protect: CHILDREN, (pause) THE ENVIRONMENT, (pause)
And – even-that-bloody-CAT,
Who stays up, stuck-up – in the tree – and meows-and-meows-so-much!
HUB’ll-climb the tree and fall right down – ra-ther-than-get-in-touch,
With-THE-ANIMAL-PATROLing-GUYS! whose job it is to fetch,
Kitty from The Bloody Tree! – or me! with-hair- caught-in-this-hedge!!
I yelled and yelled for days on end; I-did – for-my- lovely-Hon!
But hubbie, he-was-locked-(up)-in-jail! ‘Cause-he’s-a-PROTESTING-SON,*
And WHEN THEY FINALLY RELEASED-HIM – he-had-him – a-beard and the-cat,
He got a ride back home(?) he-did – and THEN – he “smelled a rat!?”
Well-now (actually) the-“rat-smell”-was-me, still stuck there, with my hair,
Caught!-It-had-been-for-days-so-tangled – and-I’d-lost-my-will-to-care!
So-I-died-in-the-hedge, with-no-bread, (you see)! No-bread – to dip-in-the-river!
I died! without – food-and/or-water and such – Perhaps I-just burst my liver(?)
But WHAT THE HECK, my hubbie’s happy(?) and-he’s-still-a-“protesting-joe,”
Without a wife – or family – I wonder how-far he’ll go!

fin <3

The MORAL of the story-Let-activism -always-begin-at-HOME – – – lest your wife and family – begin to cry and foam – – – “at the mouth,” with hunger, nothing left to eat! – – – Providing-for-your-loved-ones! (it-is-a-good-plan) A-happy-home-ya (just) can’t beat!
* – son-of-a- (long pause) gun!**
** – because he HAD – a right to bear arms (I mean) bare arms – my arms – and my bare breasts – and I had other quality features! (All but forgotten, as Bubba launched a campaign to Save The Whales, but NOT my wails – and to pick-up strays cats and dogs – which I got to feed and clean up after – AND – He fell in love with this activist chick named Delores, who believed in The Second Coming of The Pure Race – and, by golly, Bubba (bless his heart) raced to HER side, protecting and providing for her every earthly need!) but ME? Well, I was left alone, with the dogs and cats (who all died anyway, after I got stuck in the hedge that time and died) – Anyway, life is short (sometimes) and not necessarily sweet! AND – everybody needs to be saved – especially the environment – I bloody well went GREEN (with envy!) because I was envious of all the time he was spending with Delores and The Trees! and, yes, our blessed child (in my womb) died along with me (IN THE HEDGE) – ACTUALLY! The child was saved! I died! Then they cut out little Bicky from my tummy! Bicky became a prosecutor, prosecuting overzealous protesters, who, although they DO have a right to free speech and reasonable protest! are NOT allowed to shoot pipe-line layers, circus owners (with dancing bears) and themselves! Sigh! Anyway, here I am – in a PERFECT ENIRONMENT, called Heaven – or Hell, awaiting early release – so I go “back there” and eat bark – with Bubba, Delores – and other woodland creatures! Well, you know!! Sigh! ns of the times! <3

Think I turned up at the wrong Christmas Party 😀😂😅 Mystic Poet 😅😁🕊


By Kindness

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)