When your beautiful spirit, which guides you always towards love,one should flow with this and you will feel the wonders of life and an eternal purpose.
Don’t waste time and energy fighting against yourself for if you do, you will end up surrendering to your ego mind and the end result must bring sadness to your expectations.
Your spirit is watched over by Beings of Light and Angels, more so when you have opened your heart to them for they can help you overcome the chains of thousands of years that have blinded you to great visions of the true reality you seek. You have already come a long way from your earlier years and have advanced through doors which would have made you run in the past. You are now leading lights all in your own special way. It may be as a mother or father, or a dedicated worker towards a higher goal of uplifting for your fellow human beings. It matters not, you are living the Christ energy and Heaven stands with you.
Fear Not, you are the warriors of the light, you have fought many battles against the mind controlled Ego, Say to it “Satan gets behind me” I am going Home with my spiritual family.
Blessings, Luke Le Bree🕊