Who am I to question Jesus for I was chosen to be his messenger, but for the sake of teaching Jesus words I need to spend time inquiring as to the deeper reasons of the slaughter he brought about on many towns and cities of every man, woman, and child, by his word. I know it was the word of man in some cases, but in parts of the bible, it was the demise of worlds and countries by order of our God. God is love, and in the works of our Savior, he showed only love to all who would be open to understand.
Now we approach tribulation where millions will die, and it has already been declared. There will be those he will take in the rapture before the tribulation and wonderful for them and myself I hope, but what of all else even though they have only known of separation from love is this worth the slaughter of children and the ignorant because that was the way they were raised, and they come to know a God did the same until Jesus came and gave hope and love, forgiving, at a great cost to himself as part of God the part that guides us now towards love and joy each day. In the days to come is there no miracle that can transform us and allow the children to play the adults to see the beauty they are going to miss. For me to say I love all my friends and would want nothing to happen bad to them will I be cast out of the Heavenly dwelling. If so, so be it. In writing this dear Jesus help me deeply understand why to these questions, were they born to die and not have eternal life in your love and glory. I know many chooses to go against you in the places you and your disciples went, but what of their children and wives? With Love and faith, I ask this, so I can help more people with answers that could ring true, and you would still be their salvation, and they then you loyal and grateful subjects.
I bow, and I am humble and uneasy why I have written this, please lord excuse me for I will not fail still in all you give me to write, but I will reap what I sow I understand this.



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  1. The ‘ Word of God ‘ or image as we are all told is very different to the image we now portray in the world of today ….. violence is a choice as war is a choice not made by God but by man and the few dictate to the many as one day the few of those who have held faith and can forgive those that trespass against us.
    The bible was written by thousands and is not the truth that God would have us believe but words that in that order we all want to believe or not as the case maybe …… Ask not what l can do for myself but for others dear father………Read and inwardly digest try not to understand but allow understanding to be given and the light will shine out of the darkness and we will know you once more.
    People vote in many countries not for the nation or the peoples of the nations but for themselves listen to their voices of want and not need for those who suffer …. wanting leads to greed and greed leads to violence and war.
    We see with our eyes let those who need to see God feel with their ❤️ and listen not what people say but what they don’t say now and forevermore Amen 🙏’s

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