Jesus Message.

To all you beautiful people who gather here and with my Holy Spirit give your love and trust in my words I bless you. You have all come from different ways of life to this moment. Now I want you all to fully love the sacred within you and know that is where your light will shine for others even ones who have not believed in me in there past will be drawn to your light within.
In the past you may have relied on whats going on around you for your happiness but now you must remain in the now and rejoice in the beautiful love you were created from and feel my spirit move you to love more without taking on the ways of others , just know that your light within is myself completing you to your true self . and you give hope and joy to others when they open there hearts to feel what you offer. The ego of others may come into play but your divine wisdom and oneness will see that for what it is. My Father in which i am one with the Holy Spirit are now witnessing a true revival going on within you, also to those who through there choice of love assist this my dear messenger, in his reverence to me I personally thank you for your truth that lays within you. Be at peace , be one.

Most beautiful God thank you for your words and Spirit which you share with us. We ask that you lift us by going deeper into our true self and help us rejoice with others, and forgive us in our moments of weakness. Amen. Luke Le Bree.