“IS THAT OK?” a poem a.k.a.: “That’s Just What Love Does!” Dec. 13, 2018 – Thor!

I JUST NEED – to truly know,
That- EVERYTHING-about-me- is-JUST-SO!
Is just – SO – OK-with-you:
“Am I all-right? and-what-about-what-I-do?
I-just-wanna- be-really-sure, that everything’s OK – BY HER!
‘Cause – I-can’t-believe – that YOU LOVE ME,
‘Cause YOU’RE SO PERFECT, na-tur-lly!
Is That OK? and-will-you-touch-me-THERE?
Is that too “unsightly?” And – about-my-hair:
Is-my-hair-OK? and-do-I-smell-all-right?
Am-I-OK – in-the morning light?
Is THAT – part of me – OK – BY YOU?And-do you still love me – when I do THAT THING?
I can’t-really-help-it; you make me sing!

And – I-don-wanna-do-anything – without you,
Is that TOO MUCH? the-se things I do,
Are all for you – so they-MUST be good,
Please-tell-me! Is there anything else – that, maybe, I could,Do! for-you! for-US! Whatever?!
And – Do-you-still-love-me-NOW?-I hope (that) NEVER,
Will I ever disappoint you BAD,
‘Cause I can’t-bear to-(ever) see-you-SAD! 🙂 – Is that OK? I love you! <3

fin <3