“DE-FORESTATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Loss of Timber!” Dec. 20, 2018

[footnote: Neighbors come, and neighbors go! UNLESS – they have truly – found their home. Well, once more (get your hankies out to catch your tears) the house across the street will become vacant, awaiting a new family! Our lovely neighbors, WITH THEIR PET DOG “TIMBER,” have been here for a while, and, whether it might have been the 3:00 A. M. weenie roasts! or the Full Moon (naked) Dancing rituals (with soft, low chanting) in our back yard prompting this move, we wish our neighbors well – and hope that Timber, their beloved pooch, is able to cope with the trauma of yet another move, having almost established “territoriality” over HIS yard, keeping deer, raccoons – and assorted foxes and javelina “under control!!” Bon voyage, Family of Timber! “TI-IM-MMM-BER!!”]


They came, they left – a woman, a man;
They moved in THERE!? – (with)-no-long-range-plan,
To-stay-very-long – and SO! Here-they-GO,
With their-lovely-dog-“Timber,” again-“in tow!”*
Searching for new – STOMPING GROUNDS,
Where TIMBER-will-listen – for-familiar-sounds,
Of The Poet/Gardener, across the way,
WATERING GRASS – and-to-Timber, he’ll-say:
“Be still, precious doggie, who’s-searching-for-a-home;
Take-Heart, dear Timber – (for) your “pleasure dome,”
Is close! Yes, close! Things’ll-work-out, I’m sure:
YOUR-PARENTS! They’re-searching – so-please-don’t-go-GRRRRR!
Just-go – WOOF-WOOF, with-a-pant-and-a-smile,
And remember: WE’LL-MISS-YOU!!!
With your “forest-y style!”

fin <3