“MO’4U!” a poem a.k.a.: “Affirming The Tenacity Of The Human Spirit!” December 22, 2018 (Saturday)


For YOU, I’ll do anything; PLEASE just let-me hold-your-hand-one-more-time;

For YOU, I’ll do anything; for, between-the-lines-of-every-rhyme,

Is a quaint, little message! It’s quaint, but it’s clear:


For YOU, I-call-your-name – throughout-the-day;

For YOU, my Heart beats in a mysterious way!

For YOU! Yes, YOU! The sky exists;

Because of you – CUPID kissed-s,

MEDUSSA! Kiss, kiss, all the while,

Before-becoming-eternal-stone (pause) BUT! with a happy smile!!

For YOU, I AM – aglow AND aghast, (pause)

Yet OVERJOYED!-as-I-hear:-“IT-CAN’T-LAST!”

From The Spectators, who shout with jealousy and rage,

Declaring: “They’re TOO Happy!” and “We’ll-stick-‘em-in-a-cage,

And we’ll: torture-them!-starve-them! and make them rue,

The-day-they-fell-in-LOVE; (for) IT CAN’T BE TRUE,

That two, such-confused – and-saddened souls,

Can find True Love, (a)midst-all-our-POT-HOLES,

CONSTRUCTED-by countless-wars – pestilence-and-Heart-Ache!”

“Well-you-MIGHT-be-right!” says I; “Would-you-like-some-wedding-cake?”


fin <3


2 thoughts on “David HELFGOTT ~ J.JAY SAMUEL DAVIS 🕊🕊”

  1. I love this guy! What a great movie: “SHINE!” HBO has been showing it the last week or so also! Yay! David! Bravo! <3

    1. Should I tell a secret? Oh why not, I had the honour of meeting these true beautiful souls and to be able to interact in the space was a gift — two amazing people who fell in love and married. Being there is the greatest gift of true love is pure happiness very few couples will ever experience. The honesty the trust in one another was a delight. Both worshipped each other and outwardly stroked each other, how beautiful. J.Jay Samuel Davis has painted David’s portrait hanging in an Art Gallery in America. The likeness is uncanny considering JJ SD has never met him. When I heard Geoffry Rush was going to play Davids life in Shine, I was aghast, what actor on earth could become David. As we all know on opening night did a brilliant interpretation of David’s life and mannerisms. Movie Buffs were dazzled with the story. Congratulations to the Film Industry and Mr Rush’ portrayal of David. The greatest true life movie of all time. Don’t ever miss this movie. 💜

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