A very strong PROTEST Deadicted to Facebook and Social media ♨♨♨♨♨♨

“MY WAY!” a poem, dedicated to: Those people in social medias who are confident enough with their judgment of things that they think they can chose to censor whatever they darn well please and/or the legal “geniuses,”(i.e.: political baffoons) in government, who still haven’t realized that morality can not be legislated! Wednesday: Dec. 5, 2018

“Kiss me here! It’s cold – and white;
Warm me up – I-wanna-feel-all-right!”

Shall-I-do-what-you-say? Kiss-you RIGHT THERE?
You’ve prepared The Place – and it’s SO BARE!
It needs my mouth, to make it wanted!
If-I-don’t-kiss-you-there, I will be hunted,
Or – I’LL BE SHUNNED, ’cause you-think-you-got-special-power,
And – if-you-do! Let’s-SET-THE-CLOCKS-BACK, to-an-earlier-hour,
When “censorship” – was your middle name,
And persecution – was your fame!
You wanted a little – and-NOW, YOU WANT-A-LOT!
Oh, yeah! I love kissing you – by-your righteous pot,
A pot of gold? It’s NOT for me;
I-think-you-might-drown-in-it! Let’s-wait-and-see!
But, as far as seeing things – your – – – – ing way,
I’ve got FAR-better things-to-do – today! 🙂 – Like swimming in a sewer!*

fin <3

    • composed of the excrement of countless moralizing legislators throughout the ages!!


Latetely we have taken great delight in watching some of the most hateful, racist posts in history of Social Media.

We reported serial hundred of these posts to Facebook without any success ” viewed and dosen’t go against community standards” oh my, in Australia these posts were against our Laws.

Our question to Readers is – what Law does Facebook use to Judge”?????

This year alone our office reported daily Facebook friends request of a busty women, push the accept button your life and money just disappeared. Yet those profile came back as Ok not against Community standards

My Facebook account is continually shut down. Not Community Stanards! Over sharing Beautiful Nature Posts.

Don’t pay Facebook to share your Bussiness Pages. This is why! Your Bussiness Adverting Pages are blocked to.

Out of business yet Facebook don’t even know that happens! WHY baffons created the Crawlers. Coders wake up!


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