“A SEPARATE PIECE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Can’t Help It!” Thursday: Dec. 13, 2018

It’s CRAZY(?) there-are-things – that I will do,
That make me know – I love you true:
Like thinking of you, all day long,
Like – whenever that I sing a song,
I de-di-cate NOT-one, but ALL,
The songs to you; AND, when I “call,”
My cell-u-lar – reaction’s STRONG,
And parts of me, become quite long!
Excitement! Makes me talk a lot,
OR-not-a-word (pause) (But)-I’m-NOT-on-“pot,”
But I have heard – that similar traits,
Are drug-induced! And – ALL OUR DATES,
Are-NOT-planned-out! (pause) but – I don’t care,
‘Cause I am like your Teddy Bear!
When-we-two-hold – YOU RADIATE,
Within-me, (pause) so – I salivate,
And other juices flow as well,
And poetry can cast a spell;
For, when we read some poems together,
You can knock me (out) with a feather,
Since – every love poem – is FOR US,
And, around-you, YES! I tend to cuss,
And SO DO YOU – but, when you swear,
Profanely – it-just makes me care,
That much more – to be with you,
And, we can’t help it! We just s – – – -!
So! Here we are! In love, you see,
In-our se – pa – rate re – al – ity!
You give me peace (piece), beyond compare;
I yearn to-stroke-(you): (a) and-I-love-to-stare; (b) your pussy hair; or (c) I love to stare!

fin <3

🙂 – Well, now, Sweetie: The LAST THING I remember is: We fell in love THEN! We got married! THEN! We lived happily ever after! (Do you recall any of that?)