“CLOWN SALES!” a poem a.k.a.: “The KEY To Your Heart – To Riches – & – To Prostate Relief!” December 20, 2018 (Thursday)

Women got the purse strings; men are just rag dolls!

Sell the women what they want! They-don’t-much play with balls!!

There’s just ONE THING – that they want;

Men want: t – – – – es, and men-want-(her)-c,

But women, the-QUEENS – around-their-homes,

They-want-FEATHER-DUSTERS – and-they-want fancy combs;

They wanna keep – the dust real low,

And TO-TITILLATE – their-hubbies always – so,

They-can-go-to-coffee-shops – and gab an awful lot,

With other gals (THEY-LIKE-THINGS-CLEAN) &-to-smoke-a-little-pot!

So, here’s-my-idea; a clown-like-me-should-know:

We’ll open “special shops,” we will – where gr-ir-els can go,

For coffee – and – pot – and-some-real-good-“hooch,”

And sit-around-every-day, with their little pooch,

And compare-the-combs – that’re-in-their-hair,

And, also-compare-(their)-feather-dusters-everywhere,

That-got-mostly white – and-silver handles,

With-just-a-few-black-ones, for-girls with “sandals!”

We’ll make – a zillion dollars, I think we really will!


IF-their-lady’ll-take-a-duster – and stick it up their bum,

To-massage that prostate, baby, until you nearly cum!

I’m tellin’ you, I AM – This-life-o-of a clown,

Is THE-LIFE-O’-RILEY,* the best thing here in town!

Feather Dusters! Feather Dusters, are (just) all right with me;

FEATHER DUSTERS! If-you-wanna-be-rich, they’ll always hold the key!!

fin <3😁😀