A simple guy, with simple taste, Just caring for the human race!

“SIMPLE RINGS ARE SIMPLE THINGS!” a poem “The 5th Day!” December 29, 2018 in the series: “Loving Reminders To Your Significant Other On The 5th Day Of Xmas!”

A simple guy, with simple taste,
Just caring for the human race!
A guy-aware-of-foibles – hopes and fears,
Who’s had his share of cares and tears!
Who’s walked the highways, as a “bum,”
And-experienced some “factory-HUM!”
Who’s been in courtrooms, in a suit;
And-taught-in-public-school(s); quite-“a-hoot!”
Who dresses, daily – after washing,
Singin’ “Singing-in-the-Rain,” while lightly sloshing!
So, IF he’s needed, please be succinct!
Like: “PLEASE (can-you) come (over) now?” Then, he’ll think:
“Well, YES! I’m-coming! I’m on my way!”
Or – “I can’t-right-now-Sorry!-I’m in a FRAY!”
Or – “I’ve got a meal, on the stove,
And, once I’m through, I’ll be right-ove’!”
BUT! Say it OUT; don’t hold it in,
Lest-he-be- CHARGED! with-neglectful-sin!
Just say: “I need you; can you come?”
Do not expect – this little crumb,
Too-much – to-predict – or anticipate,
Just SAY IT OUT; no need to pout,
Or-say: “You-must-not-be-well!” which-will “ring my bell!”
And, on The Fifth Day of Christmas, RINGS CAN TELL: (pause)
That I’m pretty-bad at spotting your perfect need;
IF you “prick-me,” Darling – I’m sure to bleed!
And The Blood ain’t “blue,”* – and SELDOM green!!
It-is SIMPLE RED BLOOD – which you will glean! 🙂 – OK! Woo!

fin ❤

* – although!!! genealogical evidence confirms I AM descended from royal blood on my pappy’s side! That’s right! King Henry II, husband of Eleanor! Did I mention this before? Yeah? and also – I am related to THREE Presidents! 3 – 3 – 3 – Whoopee!


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