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On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me, A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause) To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

“WAKING UP AFTER FIVE RINGS!! ON THE ALARM!” a poem – 29 Dec 2018 (Day #5 of Christmas Yet To Cume!) (Saturday) in the series: “Loving Reminders To Your Significant Other On The 5th Day Of Xmas!”

I just woke (back) UP! (pause) This-Fifth-Day -Of-Christmas-Morn!

I dozed-off, my CANDY-Love – (pause) from-your-SWEET-ness I-was torn!

I dozed right off (I did!) – so relaxed and VERY HAPPY,

GOOD NIGHT, my precious-Love – and-please-do-sleep-in-“God’s-Warm-Lap”-py!

And, OH! Please-do-remember: I LOVE YOU EVERMORE!

My-Favorite-Sound (ABOVE A L L OTHERS) – is the sound of your SWEET snore!

‘Cause it sounds – just like an angel – going to the potty!

Little grunties-groans & yummy-cries – a-bit-chewy!-kinda-naughty!

On THE 5TH DAY OF X-MAS, my true Love gave to me,

A candy-kiss – (and other stuff) (pause)

To-a-Beethoven Sym-phony!

fin <3


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“WE’RE AMAZING!*” a poem * – And Becoming Even More So! 12/28//18 (FRI)

BLOCKED! I AM! from-my Tumblr Site;
It ISN’T personal!? So, it’s-ALL-RIGHT?!
So UPTIGHT, “TIGHT,” we-have-become,
That-we-trust-computers?! which-have- made-us-“dumb?!”
We SHOCK ourselves – with-electric-devices!
To stop our brains – from all these crises!
With-tons-of pills – from Phar – ma – a – c -ee,
BECAUSE, perhaps-we’ve:-(got)-P-T-S-S,
BECAUSE – our conscience – is a MESS,
BECAUSE we-went to war – AND SHOT,
Some soldier “foe(s)” we could have caught,
And held-secure in-a jail, tight,
To-force-STARVATION! -as-our-sheer-delight! (long pause)
When upset fathers – f – – -their daughters,
And wives-and-mothers-mold-“Harry-Potters,
From-the-fine-sons, which they have birthed,
ANTIQUITIES! which-we’ve-unearthed,
Can’t-explain-(The)-Mysteries – of this-HERE-LIFE!
The-Gospel-of-Thomas – cuts-like-a-knife?
To-expose-THE NERVE! of religious-greed,
Which-we CLING-TO – as a “need!”
And-as-we-pollute – and desecrate,
This Planet Earth, which we MUST hate,
Else WHY would we exploit IT so?
And THEN – declare (that)-we-do-NOT-know,
Our hearts and minds – DO-seek George Bailey,
FOR ANSWERS! and! for Christmas cheer;

fin ? <3

Nerve Ending #1:
But – it-DOES-seem-critical – to BLOCK this poet!!
We block OURSELVES! Yet seldom know-it!
And-our -“cock-sure-surenss” seldom rests,
We yearn – for HAPPY, with smiles – NO FROWNS!
And-you-tell-me – We are MORE than clowns?

Nerve Ending #2:
We-think-we-can-hide – from-our-CLOWN-i-NESS!
By declaring: “In-some-IMAGE-we-have-GOD-LI-NESS!”
There is NO TRUTH, with these-here rhymes?
Have-you-all-RECEIVED?-My Valentines?

Never Ending #3:
And-we-wonder WHY – cancer’s-ALL-AROUND!
Yet-in-The-Purest-Baby – IT-IS ALSO FOUND,
But is “held at bay,” by-(baby’s)-im-mun-ity,
OR – some-GUARDIAN-ANGEL – with-im-pun-ity!
We ‘re-superstitious-hateful – silly-and-proud,
And CLOWNS! Can-really-be, so very-loud!!
Yet-in-our-“Clown-Filled World,” I wait for (some) QUIET!
BUT CLOWNS ARE (SO) LOUD – There’s-always-a-riot!

Naive Ending #4:
Do-you-know – how-much-time-it-took – to-make-a-gun?
To: SHOOT “the enemy?” – or your spouse?
So – you could have – a QUIET house?
And-then-SHOOT-YOUR-SELF – or – your school?
And-you-tell-me OUR SPECIES – is: so cool!?
And should be preserved- saved-from-going-extinct?
When our minds are TWISTED – in perpetual “kink!”

Nerve Ending #5:
The “food of The Gods” is, simply, how,
I-shall make-it – through-another-day!
Hurray! (Tears of A Clown!)

Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you!ย  Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!” ๐Ÿ™Š

“TO OUR NEW NEIGHBORS FROM BOOM-BOOM, NEXT DOOR!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Next Door Guy!” 29 Dec 2018 (Saturday)

We’ve got us new neighbors! Corner o’ 5th AND JUNE,
On THE NORTH SIDE, Honey! Look! There’s a raccoon!
Who’s gonna be checkin’ – on-these-neighbors – REAL SOON!
Checkin’-up – pretty carefully! Eye-ing that RED VA-ROOM!
That is: The-red-vehicle-“they”-brought (12/28/18) and, perhaps, by noon,
Since-right-now-IT’S FRIDAY!* They’ll-have-checked-each-and-every-room,

Of their unique, somewhat-new-home – IS-IT-HAUNTED? Do ghosts loom?
Here-and-there? Whispering – quietly!? words of doom!?
And pointing – to-THAT-NEXT-DOOR-POET!? with-his-rake-and-broom?
Who lives ACROSS THE ALLEYWAY!? Does-he-live – in a tomb?
Which ALSO – faces Highway 118 – “The-Highway of-certain-GLOOM?”
Where cars – keep going by – Are they -looking for the GOON,
The “poet care-taker?” who’s-really-a-CARTOON?
Who’s hoping – for The Neighbors – to wake up – from their swoon?
Into THIS – 5th-Dimensional HALLOWED BLOOD-filled-MOON?

[NO! Don’t be SILLY!]

NO! THERE ARE NO SPIRITS! There’s just-a-nice balloon –
Headed caretaking gardener – who sometimes plays The Loon!
“WELCOME!” say the DAVISes -Sam-Kathy-&-J-prophet-of-Dune,
Who-ALL offer-YOU this WELCOME MAT! & declare: “There’ll-be-NO-ruin!”
Alpine City doth endure; it’s-an eternal womb,
Which-will-comfort-and-protect-you! Just-ask “Jay,” who is “BOOM-BOOM!”
His Sweetie lives in Australia – and he’s her artist groom!

fin <3
Question of The Day: Should this poem be given to the next door neighbors? and IF so – When? How? Who knows! It’s UP TO YOU, Gentle Readers! Is it TOO CREEPY! Is it TOO EERIE!? Do they/him/her/? need time to adjust? to acclimate? to “get used to” Mr. Lawnmower Man?! Mmm? * – this is being typed out on Saturday (12/29/18)

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2019 could be the year we take back the Internet.

Almost 40 anti-net neutrality members of Congress were defeated in the midterm elections. We have allies poised to act at the state and federal level to overrule Ajit Pai’s repeal of net neutrality. We have plans to run ads, organize protests, and mobilize massive online pressure.

But there’s one problem: we currently don’t have the funds we need to execute those plans and win.

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But our Battle For The Net campaign channeled the public consensus into effective political action that pressured the Senate to vote to overrule the FCC. Then on Election Day, voters made their displeasure known by defeating a wave of Big Cable-funded, anti-net neutrality members of Congress.

Now we’re suddenly in a position to bring the backlash to Capitol Hill and fight to make net neutrality the law of the land.

We’re building new Internet campaigning tools and crafting new strategies to channel political power for Internet freedom in 2019. Here’s just a taste of what we have in mind:

Keep up the fight for net neutrality and beat back any so-called “compromise” bill Big Cable might propose to pre-empt strong action,
Secure a win on Internet privacy by educating the public about how their data are used against them and holding big tech firms accountable,
Stop anti-consumer media mergers like the one pending between Sprint and T-Mobile, and
Defend our most basic rights in the digital age, ensuring that technology is used to expand free expression and democracy, rather than trample it.
I won’t lieโ€”these are ambitious goals.
That’s why we can’t afford to kick off the year behind on our fundraising goals. But that’s what we’re looking at now, unless supporters like you step up before New Year’s Eve.

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For the Internet,

Sarah at Fight for the Future


  1. Voice of the People:
  2. The Verge:

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