Mystic Poet

“HOLIDAY MOUTH HEALTH!”  a poem  “Mouth Sanitizing AND Beyond!”  12/27/18 (Thirst-Day!)  The 3rd day of Christmas!!

There’s OIL PULLING,* of course, with olive-and-coconut-oils,

AND – There’s-the ANTISEPTIC RINSE, for tartar, gums – and cankerous boils!

And RECENTLY – there’s talk of wheat grass powder SWISHING!

It’ll RINSE and FORTIFY!  -it’s-what-for-(your)-Holidays – you’ve-been-wishing!!

ANYWAY!  – 20 minutes with good quality oil – THEN!  spit-out-and-rinse,

Or – WHEAT GRASS “PULLING,” for 5 – 10 (and-I’ve (got) glasses, with-rose-tints!)

I might just try some WHEAT GRASS, once I get my X-mas bonus cash,

“Cause wheat-grass-powder’s-a-bit-expensive, yet, I-DO! -wanna-“take-out-the trash!”**

AND!- have good oral health, but, MAYBE-we -can-also-just-perhaps-just-try,

WATER RINSES, for-a-couple-minutes!  Yeah, Baby!  Good-ol’-water, by and by!

‘Cause there-are minerals in water, that might help your teeth and gums;

I-imagine-IF-you-swish-&-rinse-for-3-minutes, it’ll-relieve-your “den-tal dol-dr-ums!”

Or MAYBE, “coffee washes,” ’cause I-know my-Dad likes to be “a gurgler,”

In the morning, with his morning coffee – and IT’S BETTER THAN being a burglar,

With poor dental health, who has to steal to pay The Tooth Doc,

So as NOT to pawn Christmas gifts, that you’d-eventually, have to get “out of hock!”***

OR (one-of-my-favorites): “The Infertile**** Cervical Mucus Pull,”

Which is REALLY – just specialized-FRENCH kissing, until your mouth is full,

Of a white, somewhat-gooey, yummy-residue,

Which can also – provide nutrients – and – some-pleasure-too!

It’s THE THIRD DAY of Christmas, with 3, I think, French kisses,***

In Australia!  – they-can-be “down under!” with sexy MILFs – or misses!

Anyway, here’s to lots-of-AUSTRALIAN-KISSES, in 20 and 19,

Of course, I wish-for-you – that -your-mouth is – white-and-clean,

And I HOPE – you-find the perfect-rinse-or-pull – so you can really chew!

PUT-lots o’ good stuff in there, with-Family-and-friends!  HAPPY SMILES – TO YOU!   

fin  โค

* – Swish a nice oil, like coconut, maybe for 20 minutes, to get all the oral “toxins” out of your mouth!  It’s worth a try, if you can afford a little coconut or olive oil – or wheat grass powder! 

** – i.e.: eliminating those nasty toxins from my precious mouth cavity!  

*** – People from Chicago & Seattle & Philly & Atlanta, with names like Hawk & Falcon & Eagle & Smiley often have good dental health!! – but poor tennis skills

**** – or infernal!                  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

***** – or is that 3 French HENS!?


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