“ANOTHER DAY STARTING WITH YOU! YAY!” a poem 12/24/2018 (Moon)

It’s Christmas Eve – and WE’RE REALLY – TOGETHER,
Throughout IT ALL! – “with-a-kiss-and-a-feather!”
I woke up this morning, with lots-of-thoughts-of-you,
I rolled a bit and smiled – YOU KNOW? I LOVE YOU TRUE!
I called your name – to-express your fame;
You’re in My Heart; it’s just the same,
Each morning here, in-bed-with-(my)-Honey;
I just love thinking-of- my-Christmas-Bunny!*
I dreamed of you last night, playing-catch-outside-in-The-Yard;
We tossed IT – back and forth – we didn’t toss too hard!
You-tossed-me – (your) HOPES and DREAMS;
I returned IT – with some little screams,
And-with LOVE & FAITH & lotsa HOPE!
You threw IT back, with a happy mope!
It’s just all about: TO & FRO;
As WE stand – to THROW & THROW,
With laughs and smiles,
And-your pretty wiles,
Are just-my-just-my-cup-of-tea,
With cinnamon! and-a-little-hon-ey!

OUR BALL AROUND, I’m knowing,
That-we’ll-retire – to-The-Little-House,
And be really quiet – like-a-timid-mouse,
And-we’ll-hold-each-other tight,
And I’ll wish-FOREVER, every-night,
That I get-to-be-close – and-oh, so lucky,
With-my-Honey – my-Sweetie – my-Lil’-X-mas-Ducky! 🙂 – kisses!

fin ❤

* – Christmas & Easter combined?!


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