If The Teasy Fits, Wear It!”

“THE CLOWN!” a poem a.k.a.: ” If The Teasy Fits, Wear It!” (Mon.) December 24th 2018 – less than 1 1/2 hours – before CHRISTMAS, when That Jolly Old Elf, with his clown costume, will squeeze down our chimney – and lay some gifts on us!!

With an inner landscape – of joyous rage,
Our hero paints – another page,
Within the context of a cult,
Our sad, small fellow-is – just a dolt,
Existing-in-The-World – for a game,
Which HE provides! It’s all the same,
For all the other clowns around,
Yet HE, at least, will make a sound,
Protesting – that: “The Shadows” lurk,
The SHADOW-of – this-fantastic-“cirque,”*
Which watches, laughs – and offers carrots,
To each clown! For, we are parrots,
Thinking THIS: “Our lives (are) unique,
And WE can determine – what we will seek!!”
So, the Overshadows – or OVERSOUL,
Is really the one who’s in control?!
But, perhaps, perhaps, my good, dear Friend,
The masquerade – can sometimes end,
IF-we-just-admit: THAT WE’RE ALL FOOLS,**
With addled brains – and blondish curls,
That crown the hopes and dreams we all,
Prescribe-to – to (sorta) make us tall,
And-make-us-think – we’re-better-than-the-rest,
So! CENTRAL FIGURE: “Sad, lonely clown,”
Please wipe-away your silly frown,
And GO OUTSIDE – and-be somewhat-calm!
Seek fractured friends – to-apply some balm!
Kiss your comrades, WITHOUT YOUR NOSE,
And offer them “the rubber hose,”
To gently mas-sage – and-ease-some-pain,
That-is-inherent – in-this – queer-game,
Of cat and mouse – of high and low,
And do the best you can – at SHOW-
ING-that: although-mysterious ALL-this be,
Your clown-and-the-circus might agree,
That – just-to-admit: THE CLOWN IS ALL!
Will-admit – that you can have a ball,
‘Cause, let’s-admit-it: Life’s-a-TEASE-y,
And, rather than-having tizzy fits,
Let’s have Teasy Lives, us-bunch-o’-nits! ๐Ÿ™‚ – wits

* – The Circus seemingly encompassing us all!

** – “The wise man knows himself to be a fool; the foolish man thinks himself wise!” Shakespeare


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