Like generations of soldiers before them, they bear the brunt and are always ready to risk all in service of their beloved country.  GM

These scribbles are dedicated to today’s young warriors and their junior leaders of the Space Age.

Like generations of soldiers before them, they bear the brunt and are always ready to risk all in service

of their beloved country. GM

Special Values that Drive Them

Growing shadows on a scarred battlefield meet

Darkness arrives as terrible fear slowly creeps

Faint foreign noises and a young sentry’s pulse gathers speed

Thoughts whirling with desperate need

Searching, seeking for sound and praying for light

In the smothering black shroud of night

Hunger and thirst no longer the pain

As danger cloaked with blackness signals again

A rustling branch or snapping twig rears surging fright

The eyes are blind; listening is the key, in the long, long night

Noisy rasping breathing close by, where can it be?

Pounding heart and “Oh God, it’s me”

The comforting barks of friendly guns from far away

Then a welcome, whispering sound as flares turn night into day

Hissing, swinging above, creating light, spluttering and slowly dying

Harmless dancing shadows; sounds of relief from a sentry softly sighing

The soldier has conquered fear of the unknown and stood fast

More confident now and duty bound for any task

Soon after, sentry duty done, and time to sleep

Dirty, weary, hungry and thirsty in a muddy trench so deep

To dream of love, laughter and sweet, sweet home

Snug, safe in a peaceful place and no danger wherever to roam

A rough nudge destroys dreams; orders whispered to a team, wide awake

A new task to face the unknown, all together as true blue mates

As they prepare, soldiers quietly joke; their wit so wry

Sharing tins of food and drink sparingly to wet throats very dry

All for one and one for all is the battle cry of the team

Be they black, white, brindle and no matter what their past has been

By night fall, some could be dead and others in physical or mental pain

Yet mateship, unit pride and love of country stir them, again and again

George Mansford ©December 2018



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