“INHERENCY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Testing Love Forever!” Dec. 22, 2018 (Saturday)

EVERY LITTLE GIRL – is-THIS-WAY without fail:
“DADDY? Am-I bothering you?” “No-no, my little Gayle!”

Daddy?” “Yes, Sweetie!” “Are you SU-U–RE?* – (maybe)-just-a-little!!?”

“Well-now! OK! Perhaps-JUST-A-BIT!” “DADDY? – I-have-a-riddle!”

“Not-just-right-now-my-Sweetie! Daddy’s on A CALL!”

“Daddy?” “Yes, my Sweetie!” “Can-we-play-CATCH-A-BALL?”

“Not-NOW, my little Honey, for there is someone GREAT,
I-have upon the phone right now – please-I’m-sure that we-can-wait!”

“Well, OK, my Daddy; (pause) I’ll behave, I will!
I-can-wait-for-you, Dear Daddy – ,” (at-this-point-her-soul’s-in-Hell,)
Conferring with The Devil, about her Daddy Dear!!
And how his little Sweetie – can bring to him a tear,
Of pain-and-anguish! Love-and-hate,
Little-girls!-Ya-gotta -appreciate!!
And EVERY WOMAN -(she)-WANTS-to-be-called-such,**
(Who) wants more-than-anything – to-be “in touch,”
With-her-INNER-LITTLE-GIRL; well, she ALSO-wants-her-dad,
To-do-ANYTHING-for-her – and-then-she’ll-drive-him-“MAD,”
But-HECK! This-scene’s-been-unfolding, for quite a while, I know!
With/from Jesus-In-The-Wilderness, and-with-Santa’s*** “HO-HO-HO!”
Which, UNKNOWN-TO-MOST – is-really-(just)-Santa’s-greeting-to-his-wife:
To let her know that he is ready – for-(her)-glorious-affection in his life!

SANTA AND DEAR MRS.-CLAUS -live-in-a-(real)-cool-place,
‘Cause IF they didn’t!-When-they-“make-love!”

fin โค

* – that I’m not bothering you?!
** – i.e.: consider or called A WOMAN, a loving, caring feminine – so in love with others that you can feel it, oozing out of her pores!
*** – or Satan; notice that they have the same letters, mixed up just a bit! Ho, Ho, Ho!
A A N S T : Satan Santa Snata Natas Asnat Astan Stana Natsa Atans Asant Anats Antsa Anast Tasan Tanas Tsana Nasat


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