“INHERENCY!” a poem a.k.a.: “Testing Love Forever!” Dec. 22, 2018 (Saturday)

EVERY LITTLE GIRL – is-THIS-WAY without fail:
“DADDY? Am-I bothering you?” “No-no, my little Gayle!”

Daddy?” “Yes, Sweetie!” “Are you SU-U–RE?* – (maybe)-just-a-little!!?”

“Well-now! OK! Perhaps-JUST-A-BIT!” “DADDY? – I-have-a-riddle!”

“Not-just-right-now-my-Sweetie! Daddy’s on A CALL!”

“Daddy?” “Yes, my Sweetie!” “Can-we-play-CATCH-A-BALL?”

“Not-NOW, my little Honey, for there is someone GREAT,
I-have upon the phone right now – please-I’m-sure that we-can-wait!”

“Well, OK, my Daddy; (pause) I’ll behave, I will!
I-can-wait-for-you, Dear Daddy – ,” (at-this-point-her-soul’s-in-Hell,)
Conferring with The Devil, about her Daddy Dear!!
And how his little Sweetie – can bring to him a tear,
Of pain-and-anguish! Love-and-hate,
Little-girls!-Ya-gotta -appreciate!!
And EVERY WOMAN -(she)-WANTS-to-be-called-such,**
(Who) wants more-than-anything – to-be “in touch,”
With-her-INNER-LITTLE-GIRL; well, she ALSO-wants-her-dad,
To-do-ANYTHING-for-her – and-then-she’ll-drive-him-“MAD,”
But-HECK! This-scene’s-been-unfolding, for quite a while, I know!
With/from Jesus-In-The-Wilderness, and-with-Santa’s*** “HO-HO-HO!”
Which, UNKNOWN-TO-MOST – is-really-(just)-Santa’s-greeting-to-his-wife:
To let her know that he is ready – for-(her)-glorious-affection in his life!

SANTA AND DEAR MRS.-CLAUS -live-in-a-(real)-cool-place,
‘Cause IF they didn’t!-When-they-“make-love!”

fin <3

* – that I’m not bothering you?!
** – i.e.: consider or called A WOMAN, a loving, caring feminine – so in love with others that you can feel it, oozing out of her pores!
*** – or Satan; notice that they have the same letters, mixed up just a bit! Ho, Ho, Ho!
A A N S T : Satan Santa Snata Natas Asnat Astan Stana Natsa Atans Asant Anats Antsa Anast Tasan Tanas Tsana Nasat


Fields Of Psychology. Psychology Business includes Staff Training and Bussiness Conference Courses

The different fields in psychology indicates the importance and relevance of these areas in our daily life. In this section we will briefly learn about some of these fields.

Abnormal Psychology:
This branch of psychology tries to describe, assess, predict and control those categories of behaviours which are considered as unusual and non-normative. It also deals with various categories of psychological disorders which affect the mental health of the individual. It assesses abnormality in the individual through standardized psycho-diagnostic tools and suggests problem specific treatment.

Cognitive Psychology:
It deals with acquisition, storage, transformation and application of information the individual uses to understand and interpret events happening around him/her.

Clinical and Counseling Psychology:
Clinical psychology is primarily concerned with diagnosis and treatment of various psychological disorders. A clinical psychologist is trained in psychotherapeutic techniques which are used to treat people suffering from psychological disorders. They are employed in hospitals and clinics dealing with mental health problems. The counseling psychologist deals with mild problems pertaining to adjustment in social and emotional life, and provides specialized services to deal with marital problems, stress oriented problems and career choice.

Educational Psychology:
This field of psychology is mainly concerned with academic performance. It studies the role of various factors which influence learning processes in classroom setting. It focuses on assessing the aptitude, skills and intellectual potential of the students and evaluating their performance. An educational psychologist also helps students to overcome learning difficulties.

Environmental Psychology:
This field is concerned with the study of interaction between physical environment and human behaviour. It studies the impact of noise, heat, humidity, pollution and crowding on human performance. It also focuses on the impact of physical environment on psychological health of individuals.

Health Psychology:
This field focuses on the impact of various psychological factors (e.g. stress) on the onset progress and treatment of illness. It also deals with various life style diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Organizational Psychology:
This field is concerned with application of psychological principles and models to study the selection and performance of employees in organizational settings. It also studies the concepts of leadership, motivation, job satisfaction and performance appraisal.

Developmental Psychology:
This field is concerned with the study of various physical and psychological factors which influence the systematic changes which the individual experiences across the different stages of life.

Emerging Fields:
In addition to the fields mentioned above a number of new areas have emerged. Some of these fields are sports psychology, military psychology, aviation psychology, forensic psychology, peace psychology, neuropsychology, political psychology, feminist psychology and positive psychology.


Jesus Message.

To all you beautiful people who gather here and with my Holy Spirit give your love and trust in my words I bless you. You have all come from different ways of life to this moment. Now I want you all to fully love the sacred within you and know that is where your light will shine for others even ones who have not believed in me in there past will be drawn to your light within.
In the past you may have relied on whats going on around you for your happiness but now you must remain in the now and rejoice in the beautiful love you were created from and feel my spirit move you to love more without taking on the ways of others , just know that your light within is myself completing you to your true self . and you give hope and joy to others when they open there hearts to feel what you offer. The ego of others may come into play but your divine wisdom and oneness will see that for what it is. My Father in which i am one with the Holy Spirit are now witnessing a true revival going on within you, also to those who through there choice of love assist this my dear messenger, in his reverence to me I personally thank you for your truth that lays within you. Be at peace , be one.

Most beautiful God thank you for your words and Spirit which you share with us. We ask that you lift us by going deeper into our true self and help us rejoice with others, and forgive us in our moments of weakness. Amen. Luke Le Bree.


Loving people of whom you show yourselves as my brothers and sisters. hear me cry out to you and ask that you dont contain God in your buildings , be that temples of old ways, or churches. ( For I reign in Heaven and I have already have shown myself to you by my Son having made it possible for you to return to freedom and in your connection to the Spirit Jesus sent to you, allowed your freedom to be everywhere and in the love he sent. Gather in places of fellowship but know I am in all life and I can be found there also. Let no-one try and organize your freedom unless it be your choice. There is no right and wrong in my presents, only love and respect for what I offer you. Oppose not my messengers for you offend me. My messenger who is laying down these words to you is brave for he feels if it be wrong I would not love him. But nothing can be further from the truth for he has a heart that kingdoms of love can be created because the faith he shows in me. Now I ask of you all. be free to love the life I freely give and hold up to others your smile and presence as you expose that which is holy in you as a witness and a warning of things to come when hearts have opposed my love to create that which is beautiful. Be that seen or unseen the connection will be in your heart. The faith in my son Jesus and the gift of the most Holy connection in my Holy Spirit is because of my love. be you that from this day forward my love in all that you do , and until that time you return I will overlook where you may stumble and I will send angels to help you to your feet.) . Blessings. Luke Le Bree.


“REGULATING PLEASURE, LEST SWEET TURN TO SOUR!” a poem a.k.a.: “The New Freedom!?” Dec. 21, 2018 (Friday)

{MODER-ATION?! in all things!}
Is-a-central-tenet – The-Buddha-often-brings:
BUT-leave-my-freedom-alone! THIS IS M Y VACATION!”
“Mommy-my-mommy, what’d-you-do-durin’-The-War?”
“We made nice chocolates, for-the-troops by-the-score;
The-young-girls-in-my-town – took-to: MAKING-CHOCOLATE-TREATS!
To-put-in-our-troops’-lunches – along-with-sav’ry-meats,
And biscuits – and-cigarettes – and – OF COURSE! yummy fruit cups!
A little nice sweetness – enhances all sups!
But I was a hungry – and-greedy-little-girl,
I-LOVED-MY-CHOCOLATE, which-stirred-(good)-feelings-in-my-neural,
PATHWAYS! So, when we started, the boss-just-said: “INDULGE!’
And we girls ate chocolate-as-we-worked – and WE BULGED-
And-indulged – and we simply just STUFFED,
Until-we-were DISGUSTED! We’d-had-quite enough!
So-even-when it was offered, NONE OF US ATE (even) A PIECE!
We were so sick of chocolate! Our yearnings had ceased!
By OVER-INDULGING! (which-can-be-true-with-your-wife!)
For-I knew a nympo – MANIAC-named “Flo,”
WHO ALWAYS-WANTED to-give- more-s – – – a go!
MORNING! Then noon-time – Afternoon! – and-then-Night!
Flo-kept-on-f – ing! It was way outta sight!
She just kept on f – – – g!!! Until NATURE WAS THROUGH –
With “firing” her neurons – and addicting her too!
YES! She fu -d-on so much that her nerve cells got raw,
Until inter – course (of-course) HURT! Oh, gee – ha, ha, ha!
SO, IF YOU GET A REAL BUZZ – from s – x – play – or cocoa,
Try NOT to overdo it – or you can go LOCO! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Whoopee! Getting TOO MUCH!*

fin <3

Postnote: SXisgreat – Kissing too! – – – Touching-a-lot – Is good for you – – – It’ll-make-a happy, cheerful chap – – – Or lassy! – sitting-on-my-lap! – – – And tell-me-sweet-things, and lick my skin! – – – And, when we’re REALLY-ready, let’s-put-it-in-again – – – And THEN! LET’S REST; I’ll stroke your hair – – – And tell you AGAIN – that I’ll always-care! – – – BECAUSE I DO!-And-I-will; you’re-so-perfect, my dear! – – – BUT! Let’s -get-enough-rest-and-we’ll-never-shed-no-tear! [Kiss, kiss , cuddle, cuddle, YOU! are yummy!]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p47fEXGabaY * – of a good thing, not so good!?