.: “IF You Are Negatively Affected By Horror Films, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE, OK?”

“DISTURBIA VS. NIRVAN(I)A!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Impact of Films (And Other Stuff) On Our Psyches!” a.k.a.: /a.k.a.: “IF You Are Negatively Affected By Horror Films, PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE, OK?” December 20, 2018 (Thor’s Day)

Amidst all the fury surrounding censorship by those (like Facebook, Inc., and certain governmental agencies and evangelical Christians & Muslims) who are SO concerned about someone seeing a little tittie – or a fluff of pubic hair, I am presenting this piece, BECAUSE – I am (sorta) concerned MUCH more by the impact of, for lack of a better term, “torture porn!” I have always been aware of “horror films,” since I was young – AND! attracted to them (somehow)!
Eckhart Tolle [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPO-uvrsjw4 ] ,
who some see as a viable teacher/guru/master – explains (some) people’s “compulsion” to experience such things because, ACCORDING TO HIM, we have a “Pain Body,” whatever the heck anyone thinks that is, which feeds on this stuff – and, possibly, creates terrible changes “within us?” Well, I think that is VERY much an oversimplification of the matter, BUT – I don’t know what I’m talking about either. ANYWAY!! PLEASE BE WARNED! THE FOLLOWING IS N O T FOR THE “FAINT OF HEART!” IF you are a sensitive “soul,” DO NOT WATCH THIS STUFF! STOILER ALERT! WARNING! GROSS! I NEVER WATCHED (some of) THIS! I ONLY HEARD ABOUT IT AND PUT ON THE VIDEO TO L I S T E N TO IT, WITHOUT EXPERIENCING THE TRAUMA AND GORE OF VIEWING IT! YUCK! I D I D SEE “The Hills Have Eyes!”movies and some of those films in “The Hostel” series! I did NOT see: “The Human Centipede!” “A Serbian Film!” “Antichrist!” AND I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU NOT SEE THEM EITHER! HOWEVER, I DID HEAR AND READ ABOUT THEM! YUCK! BUT! BUT! BUT! SOME PEOPLE REALLY LIKE THAT STUFF! REALLY!! FOR WHATEVER REASON IS FINE! THAT IS THEIR BUSINESS, I THINK! Just like it is my prerogative, sort-of! to enjoy beautiful, naked dancing girls!! I’m a GUY! “God” has TRICKED ME! into being “aroused” by experiencing sexy female stuff! (You see, I would MUCH prefer seeing a beautiful woman’s body than viewing horrific mutilation and suffering!) Viewing pretty bodies – to me – is NOT traumatic, it’s beautiful!) Amen.

The Poem:

It’s an AMAZING realm we’re living here,
Offering-(possible) ecstasy – and/or MANY A TEAR!
And it’s all about FOCUS, as I’ve said before,
Torture-and-Sex-ploit(ation)-versus Love-(and-Joy)-in store!

And, perhaps, as some of you may recall,
“GOD” invites us – to make the call,

To-make-many-choices – FOR THERE’S-SUCH-GREAT-VARIETY!

Eli Roth,* (for e.g.) can JAR THE NERVE,** & Frank Capra (may) approach piety!

So, if GOD’s criteria is “an interesting ride,”
Both GENRES – event-ually coincide,
To provide the necessary experience,
You-can-feel-the-difference(?) (yielding-a): GLOW – or – “tear-iance!”

IF YOU DARE! Watch this scene, from-“The-Green-Inferno,”

Versus- from-“Love Actually,” the-final, airport scene- OH! 🙂

I LOVE TO SEE THE PEOPLE – in their lovely greeting,
But – mutilation-and-torture causes-my-poor-heart to-beating!
In one regard – you vibrate WITH RELIEF!
In the other, the vibration’s-a-shock – and leaves your self with grief!
Either of pretty-yucky-pain – and terrible neglect,
And, it’s an AWESOME responsibility – in which we’re dealing,
With THE ELEVATION – or “THE FALL of man,”
To Elevate -or-Demean – our FRAGILE, LITTLE, CLOWN HEARTS,
And I THINK – to all – (that) EXPERIENCE – completes many parts,
Of a severe journey of terms – of STARTS & STOPS,
You can’t escape pleasure; you can’t escape pain,
And censors – well, they can NEVER explain,
Why-they-THINK-“This is BAD!” or “This-one-gets-a-passing-mark!”

fin ❤

    • He directed HOSTEL, for instance
      ** – He directed IT’S A WONDEFUL LIFE, for instanceShare on FacebookShare via SMSShare on WhatsAppShare via Email
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