Personal happiness is not easy to reach. It is the result of continuous aspirations and desires for self-realization. The search for the right way, without losing sight of the goal and fun, even if that goal is elusive. To be happy means to find contentment, a sense of joy and to search for a meaningful purpose in life. No one is always happy and elated, but some people definitely live more fulfilling life than others. Some studies indicate that happiness has little to do with the possession of material things.

Overcoming feelings of sadness and anger indicate deeper problems from the past that affect the present. In the United States, one criminal charge of child abuse is submitted every ten seconds. These are the cases that have been logged, but there are many cases of abuse and traumatic experiences from childhood that are not reported to the authorities. The trauma from the past such as the death of a loved one can cause moderate to severe depression. Work on the own happiness can mitigate the negative consequences of childhood.

The president of the German society for research in positive psychology argues that fulfillment of certain obligations, the center in the brain that is responsible for rewarding secretes neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. Researchers from the University of Trier consider that passive people have less ability to be happy. States of boredom and demotivating cannot secrete dopamine. The praise and approval create a momentary feeling of happiness. Long-term prosperity requires more positive emotions, stable relationships, and purpose in life.

Too many activities and stress can ruin happiness. Brohm-Badry advises people to retreat to quiet places and to take time for themselves in order to think about the important things.


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