“CHRISTMAS DOGS: PAST AND PRESENT!”  a poem  Tuesday: Dec. 18, 2018

“CHRISTMAS DOGS: PAST AND PRESENT!” a poem Tuesday: Dec. 18, 2018

At Christmas-we-welcome our: “MEMORY-DOGS,” (pause) a “fine-line” pedigree;
IF-you-had-only-known-our-“pooches,” we’re sure that you’d agree,
That each of them was OUT, STANDING, around-our Christmas Tree,
All-the-dogs – keep-our-tree-alive – for each one takes a “pee!”
And-each-Christmas (amazingly) – OUR CHRISTMAS TREE DOTH GROW!
That’s-how-we-know – ALL-OUR-DOGS-HAVE-COME-“HOME!” for-it’s-here, they- liked “to go!”
And, on each day of Christmas, we recognize each one!
OUR “MEMORY DOGS” ARE IN OUR HEARTS; we have a lot of fun!
But, Victor (the husband) was a bit upset, one balmy Christmas day,
When-he-caught-his-wife – doing-her-“business,” in “the hound-dog way!” 🙂

fin <3