“RESPECTING WHERE THEY HAVE BEEN, WHAT THEY HAVE SEEN AND WHAT THEY HAVE FELT!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Opening of Possibilities!” 12/17/18

Earlier-in-the-year – a package arrived!
“A pair made of satin – or silk!” and I cried!
Lacy-and-soft; (pause) with-faultless-spun-silk,
Smelling “ambrosia-c,” of-sweet-juice and milk!
I-inhaled-their-flavor and-passed-out on my bed!
“They”-found-me-next-morning; with these on my head!
Some, they are turquoise – and some passion red;
When-I-was-discovered, they-were-sure-I-was-dead!
Except-though! They-said – I-had -this-“smile-of-bliss,”*
And-I-was-caught-in-The-Middle – transfixed-in-a-kiss,
With the perfect aroma, just stuck in my brain,
A smell like pure Heaven (pause) im-possible-to-explain!
Yet, YES – ambrosia-lapses – with-months-of-inhaling,
The-aroma-might-be-lost – but-my-interest? (was)-NEVER-FAILING!
For-I-become – one-with-them; and I-cleave-to-each thread;
I worship them so – and This Thing I have said,
“These panties-they’re-worthy – of honor and glory,
For-they-cradled – her-middle! Please, come – hear their story:
Right HERE! is The Place, where her woo-hoo did rest,
The slit was pulled slightly, (and) her hips were (ad)dressed,
On either side HERE! and THERE!-for-to-tighten,
And kiss them so tenderly – Her cheeks! They were fightin’,
BUT-NEVER, Oh, never, in an ungraceful way;
The separation? (was)-Perfect! Sweet cheeks – kept “at bay,”
And the front part, her tummy – did fit neatly in,
With a delicate back, where the spine curves have been,
Suggesting these panties – are for- ever-now-blest,
With blessings from Heaven – and Here! Read The Crest,
Which-is-surely-the–“tag,” which-doth-cleave-(un)to-the-back,
And-it simply says this: [Yes, you MUST have “the knack,”
Of delicate reverence! to-touch what’s-HOUSED-here,
And, IF you will honor – the threads quite, my Dear,
You will-ever be-filled – with a calm, happy sway,
For The Blessed-One “touched” them! And they well know THE WAY!]”

fin ❤
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LS_9nM4bm0 * – a.k.a.: a cheeky grin!


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