“MEANS STREAKS?” a poem a.k.a.: “Love Is All!” Sunday – December 16, 2018

I’m you; he’s me; ]
she’s him- Goll – y!]
Can’t-keep Track-of]
All-these I-love,]
I-know-you! You’re mean!]
So-I’m-mean! She’s mean.]
He’s-bad – but-I’ve-seen,]
That girl and-that-boy -]
Kissing! What joy!]
They’re nice – He’s-pretty -]
She-is – A-Fine-Kitty!]
So (pause) I-pretty-too!]
I’m-a-kitty – And-You!?]
are-(kinda)-nice – (and)kinda mean -]
What-d’-I-do? I’m-(just)a-teen,]
Queen (pause) w/Drama-much,]
&-I’m-seeking-my-Sir, for-some-touch!]
To-touch – my- Evil-Side (?)]
{He has-no-evil – to Hide (?)}]
Does he? Oh-my! – maybe-SO]
Schizophrenia (pause) Is-all-a-glow!]
As I lose – myself-in-His-gaze,]
I-dream – & – through-THE-Haze -]
Of-this-LIFE – (I-think)mostly-mirage,]
I-just-wanna-be -like–Nicki-Minaj,]
Singing & Dancing – (&) Being-Mean-and-Sexy -]
With-my-love, one Sir-ten-Tex-y!]

Roll-with-The Changes, Roll-with The Punches – – -]
Go with your gut; Honor your hunches -]
DON’T-GIVE-UP- ON-(TRUE)-LOVE, the-Best-I’ve-seen,]
Whether-you’re-human-or-blind – or downright MEAN!]

fin โค


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