Mystic Poet

“A SPECIAL SOMEONE!” a poem Saturday: December 15, 2018 Thanks to My M!

Look around, wayward traveler! What-do-you-think-you-see?
“Oh, My! Demons! are looking at me,
And-asking for donations; (pause) they can NOT get enough!”
Well, what-do-you-know-about-all-THAT?
“Things seem-REALLY, pretty-tough!”

OK! Now! Close-your-eyes- (pause) and-take-a-breath-or-two;
NOW! Open-up-them-PEEPERS!
Now-I-see-a-happy-family, dining-at-a-Christmas-table;
I see some-hugging-&-kissing – Folks-in-fine-linen, and-some dressed-in-sable,
With-wonderful-Heavenly-music! Well-now-WHAT-AM-I-TO-THINK?
It SEEMS-that-I’m-in-Heaven-OR-Hell; I’m-lifted! Then, I-sink!”

So, WELCOME-TO-” S O M E ” -REALITY! There’re-an-infinite-number-around!
Choose-whatever-you-want, Dear Friend!
“In EACH ONE, I have found:
What-a-MIXED-BAG-conditionality-is – There’s TODAY – and, then, TOMORROW,
And I DON’T-KNOW, if-I-should-even-get-up – on any given day,
Because – Sometimes I-AM-‘given’ – (pause) – and-sometimes-I-must-pay!”

And THAT’S THE WAY OF EXISTENCE, FRIEND – quid pro quo-and-stuff;
Some days you will enjoy yourself – and sometimes you’ve-had-enough!
That-IS-The-Way it-is right-HERE, and-anywhere-ELSE-you-go!
MY SUGGESTION: Find-you-a-“help-mate!” Love-her (him) despite cheer or woe:
HOLD-ON-TIGHTLY, kiss-and-smile, but DO-keep-up “Your Guard,”
Yet, with that SPECIAL SOMEONE – Life won’t be all that hard!

fin ❤


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