* – gently!  :)

“THE ‘O. D.’ HUG!” a poem a.k.a.: “My Favorite Huggie!” Saturday: Dec. 15, 2018

I-just wan’-a-me – the O.D. HUG, I-know-it’s-a-lot-to-ask,
But I-like to-think about-it – in-your-hug I-LO-O-OVE -to-“bask!”


You sneak up (kinda slowly) and whisper in her ear,
That-you-love-her-ever-lots-and-lots, and she’s a Sweetie DEAR –
You get a little closer, and-you smell her precious hair!
And start to press her to (your) chest – and put your nose right there,
And kinda lean up on her – and wrap your arms around,
Her back – and arms (so sexy) – THE SEXIEST I’VE FOUND;
They’re THICK – and you can feel – a firm and scrumptious squeeze,
AND-I-PUT-MY-FACE-INTO-HER-HAIR, It-is The Perfect Tease,
And I’ll-breathe-real-deep – and feel the squeeze, that-comes-from-a-cozy-hug,
And I think then – I’M-IN-HEAVEN – me-with-my-bed-a-bug!

I AM – a shy – and cautious guy – but I’d-like-to ask her true,
When-I-see-her – when she’s near – “CAN-I HUGGIE-YOU?”
“Whatch-a-mean? A huggie?” “Well (pause or not) can you turn around?”
“Well, I don’t-know; it’s kinda weird; I’m-not-sure where you’re bound!”
“Well-now – I (JUST)-WANNA – WRAP – (pause) myself around your frame,
And squeeze!*-(with)-my-love-sick-head-upon-you! Honey-please-don’t-blame,
Me, for-I got-this-fantasy, ’cause I’m-just-crazy- for-YOU! (pause)
‘Cause-you’re-the-sexiest-thing – (that)-I’ve-seen! Your hugs are JUST – so -OO-OO! 🙂 – Whew!

fin ❤

* – gently! 🙂


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