The Position of Legs as a Part of Nonverbal Signals

Crossed Feet Intertwined feet is considered to be a sign of fear, discomfort and desire for escape. During police questioning, it was found that many suspects intertwine their feet in this way, what makes them suspicious. The reason for locking the feet is to calm the movements of the legs to satisfy the entire body. Studies have shown if the number of arm and leg movements is reduced, that a person is lying. This nonverbal movement is an innate nonverbal movement when the threat is spotted, the body is calm. Hard Position A person is in a sitting position, one foot is on the floor, the other foot is switched over other leg and hands are wrapped around a leg. This attitude suggests that a person has a solid character and that he is stubborn. People with this position of the body will always get what they want. Solid Position man is in a sitting position, one foot on the floor, and the other foot is passed over the leg, and his hands are wrapped around his legs. This attitude points to a man of solid character and stubbornness. People with this body position will always get what they want. Crossed Legs and hands when the hands are crossed and when fists are clenched, that indicates a sign of discomfort and stress. This position of the body in a combination of crossed legs indicates that the person is not comfortable and that he/she feels vulnerable and insecure.


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